Handbook of Biological Confocal Microscopy

  • James B. Pawley

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. K. Sam Wells, David R. Sandison, James Strickler, Watt W. Webb
    Pages 27-39
  3. Robert H. Webb, C. Kathleen Dorey
    Pages 41-51
  4. Enrico Gratton, Martin J. VandeVen
    Pages 53-67
  5. H. Ernst Keller
    Pages 77-86
  6. G. J. Brakenhoff, K. Visscher, H. T. M. van der Voort
    Pages 87-91
  7. Jonathan Art
    Pages 127-139
  8. Hans Chen, John W. Sedat, David A. Agard
    Pages 141-150
  9. Walter A. Carrington, Kevin E. Fogarty, Larry Lifschitz, Fredric S. Fay
    Pages 151-161
  10. Roger Y. Tsien, Alan Waggoner
    Pages 169-178
  11. P. C. Cheng, R. G. Summers
    Pages 179-195
  12. Robert Bacallao, Morgane Bomsel, Ernst H. K. Stelzer, Jan De Mey
    Pages 197-205
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 215-232

About this book


In 1987 the Electron Microscopy Society of America (EMSA) going to drive important scientific discoveries across wide areas under the leadership of J. P. Revel (Cal Tech) initiated a major of physiology, cellular biology and neurobiology. They had been program to present a discussion of recent advances in light looking for a forum in which they could advance the state of microscopy as part of the annual meeting. The result was three the art of confocal microscopy, alert manufacturers to the lim­ special LM sessions at the Milwaukee meeting in August 1988: itations of current instruments, and catalyze progress toward The LM Forum, organized by me, and Symposia on Confocal new directions in confocal instrument development. LM, organized by G. Schatten (Madison), and on Integrated These goals were so close to those of the EMSA project that Acoustic/LM/EM organized by C. Rieder (Albany). In addition, the two groups decided to join forces with EMSA to provide there was an optical micro-analysis session emphasizing Raman the organization and the venue for a Confocal Workshop and techniques, organized by the Microbeam Analysis Society, for NSF to provide the financial support for the speakers expenses a total of 40 invited and 30 contributed papers on optical tech­ and for the publication of extended abstracts.


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