Computers in Critical Care and Pulmonary Medicine

Volume 2

  • O. Prakash
  • A. A. Spence
  • J. P. Payne
  • B. Jonson
  • S. Nair

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Lung Models

  3. Regional Lung Function and Imaging

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 39-39
    2. Massimo Pistolesi, Massimo Miniati, Stefano Solfanelli, Carlo Giuntini, Luciano Azzarelli, Massimo Chimenti et al.
      Pages 41-43
    3. Charles Y. C. Wong, Michael Silverman
      Pages 45-46
  4. The Lung Function Laboratory Spirometry Mechanics and Respiration

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 55-55
    2. Christoph Riemasch-Becker, Klaus Stosseck
      Pages 57-61
    3. W. Arossa, S. Spinaci, A. Carosso, G. Forconi, E. Concina
      Pages 63-66
    4. J. R. Lehane, C. Jordan, J. P. Royston, J. G. Jones
      Pages 79-80
    5. R. G. Loudon, A. G. Leitch, T. H. Ridgway, J. K. Walsh, M. Kramer
      Pages 81-83
    6. A. F. M. Verbraak, J. M. Bogaard, F. R. C. Jansen, A. Versprille
      Pages 85-87
  5. The Lung Function Laboratory (Gas Exchange)

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 89-89
    2. P. Pisani, P. Paoletti, C. Marchesi, E. Fornai, P. Fazzi, F. Di Pede et al.
      Pages 95-97
    3. M. Heitz, M. Küng, A. Perruchoud, C. Kopp, H. Herzog
      Pages 99-100
    4. Per Malmberg, Kjell Rasmundson
      Pages 105-106
  6. New Techniques in the Laboratory and Intensive Care Unit

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 107-107
    2. R. Kunstätter, N. Wolkove, H. Kreisman, C. Cohen, H. Frank
      Pages 109-111
    3. R. Duranteau, B. Auvert, B. Dautzenberg, P. Lebeux, C. Sors
      Pages 113-115
    4. R. C. Eberhart, T. I. Thomasson, R. Sken, K. Wiemer, G. Cumming, M. Judy et al.
      Pages 121-122
    5. U. Pfeiffer, M. Birk, G. Aschenbrenner, G. Blümel
      Pages 123-125
    6. S. B. Pett Jr., R. Halsall, E. I. Hoover, W. A. Gay Jr., V. Subramanian
      Pages 127-129
    7. D. Rafalsky, H. Sieverts, P. Schwindke
      Pages 131-135
  7. Computer Systems in the Intensive Care Unit

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 141-141
    2. T. J. Stafford, A. L. Miller, J. P. Payne
      Pages 143-146
    3. R. M. Gardner, T. P. Clemmer, A. H. Morris
      Pages 147-150
    4. R. M. Peters, J. E. Brimm, S. R. Shackford
      Pages 151-157
    5. R. Frey, W. Bleicher, G. Budwig, E. Hiesinger, B. E. Kemter, J. Apitz
      Pages 159-161
    6. B. J. Rubin, J. Kunz, L. Fagon, R. Wilson, J. Osborn
      Pages 163-166
    7. E. Monoz, A. Sims, J. Dawson, D. Dove, W. Stahl, L. R. M. del Guercio
      Pages 167-170
    8. P. M. Osswald, H. J. Bender, H. J. Hartung, R. Klose, H. Lutz
      Pages 171-172
    9. H. Junger, K. van Deyk, R. Weinmann, E. Epple, M. Kopp, R. Schorer
      Pages 173-174
    10. K. van Deyk, H. Junger, F. Münch, M. Kopp, E. Epple, R. Schorer
      Pages 175-176
  8. Clinical Applications of Computers in the Intensive Care Unit

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 177-177
    2. W. Petro, W. Dams, J. A. Nakhosteen, V. Korn, N. Konietzko
      Pages 183-185
    3. A. M. Benis, T. C. Commerton, R. R. Mitchell, D. H. McClung, J. J. Osborn
      Pages 187-189

About this book


This volume, the second in a series on topics in microcomputers in critical care and pulmonary physiology,' contains the proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Computers in Critical Care and Pulmonary Medicine, held at the University of Lund in 1980 under the.,chairmanship of Prof. B. Jonson, M.D., Department of Clinical Physiology, University of Lund, Sweden. Clinicians and biomedical engineers from many countries parti­ cipated in a three day deliberation. Of special interest was the introduction of nuclear techniques in pulmonary medicine for the first time in this symposium series. It is the intention of the steering committee that such meetings should take place on an annual basis in the rapidly changing world of the science and technology of computing in clinical care, in prac­ tice and in pulmonary medicine. Editorial modification of the papers in this volume has been kept to a minimum. Changes have been made to ensure some uniformity in presentation and there has been some alteration of the English to avoid ambiguity, but our intervention has gone no further than that. It is hoped that the contents of this volume will enable those who are interested in the subject matter to be more aware of research developments occurring in so many different disciplines and so many different centres in America and Europe. Finally, I would like to thank Miss Bodil Richardson for her or­ ganisational and secretarial help. Thanks are also due to Prof. J.P.


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