Hydrocolloid Applications

Gum technology in the food and other industries

  • A. Nussinovitch

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About this book


Water-soluble gums are beneficial in many fields, including food, agricul­ ture, adhesives, biotechnology, ceramics, cosmetics, explosives, paper, tex­ tiles and texturization, among many others. It is almost impossible to spend a day without directly or indirectly enjoying their qualities. This book on hydrocolloid applications is divided into two major portions. The first is devoted to a few important gelling and non-gelling gums, their sources, the raw materials from which they are manufactured, their structures, functions and properties, followed by their food applica­ tions. The second part of the book details gums' industrial, non-food uses in a unique way: it assumes the reader's unfamiliarity with the many fields in which gums can be useful. It, therefore, provides a broad introduction to the development, technology and many aspects of gums' major non-food uses, as well as giving detailed explanations of where, when and how gums are incorporated into products in these industries. The text is also accom­ panied by a detailed index, designed to help the reader locate information easily. I wish to thank the publishers for giving me the opportunity to write this book. Their patience is very much appreciated. I wish to thank my editor Camille Vainstein for working shoulder-to-shoulder with me when time was getting short and Dr Zippora Gershon for supporting me with references and good advice over the years.


agriculture cellulose colloid food

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