Detection of Mitochondrial Diseases

  • Frank Norbert Gellerich
  • Stephan Zierz

Part of the Developments in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry book series (DMCB, volume 21)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-3
  2. Noninvasive Detection of Mitochondrial Function

  3. Bioenergetic Investigation of Isolated Mitochondria, Skinned Muscle Fibers and Cells

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 53-53
    2. Vida Mildaziene, Rasa Baniene, Ausra Marcinkeviciute, Zita Nauciene, Alvydas Kalvenas, Aurelijus Zimkus
      Pages 67-70
    3. Wolfgang Sperl, Daniela Skladal, Erich Gnaiger, Markus Wyss, Udo Mayr, Josef Hager et al.
      Pages 71-78
    4. Adolfas Toleikis, Daiva Majiene, Sonata Trumbeckaite, Arvydas Dagys
      Pages 87-90
    5. Samuel P. Bessman, Chandra Mohan
      Pages 91-96
    6. Wolfram S. Kunz, Kirstin Winkler, Andrey V. Kuznetsov, Hartmut Lins, Elmar Kirches, Claus W. Wallesch
      Pages 97-100
    7. Monika Löffler, Johannes Jöckel, Gertrud Schuster, Cornelia Becker
      Pages 125-129
    8. Bernhard Kadenbach, Viola Frank, Theophil Rieger, Jörg Napiwotzki
      Pages 131-135
    9. Bernard Korzeniewski
      Pages 137-141
    10. J.-P. Mazat, T. Letellier, F. Bédes, M. Malgat, B. Korzeniewski, L. S. Jouaville et al.
      Pages 143-148
    11. Gilles Durrieu, Thierry Letellier, Jaromír Antoch, Jean-Marc Deshouillers, Monique Malgat, Jean-Pierre Mazat
      Pages 149-156
  4. Mitochondrial Transition Pore, Radicals and Diseases

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 157-157
    2. John J. Lemasters, Anna-Liisa Nieminen, Ting Qian, Lawrence C. Trost, Brian Herman
      Pages 159-165
    3. Luca Scorrano, Annamaria Nicolli, Emy Basso, Valeria Petronilli, Paolo Bernardi
      Pages 181-184
    4. Patrice Xavier Petit, Naoufal Zamzami, Jean-Luc Vayssière, Bernard Mignotte, Guido Kroemer, Maria Castedo
      Pages 185-188
    5. Jörg B. Schulz, Russell T. Matthews, Thomas Klockgether, Johannes Dichgans, M. Flint Beal
      Pages 193-197
    6. Wolfgang Augustin, Ingrid Wiswedel, Heiko Noack, Thomas Reinheckel, Olaf Reichelt
      Pages 199-205
  5. Mitochondrial Genome and Diseases

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 207-207
    2. Sabine Hofmann, Reimar Bezold, Michaela Jaksch, Petra Kaufhold, Bert Obermaier-Kusser, Klaus-Dieter Gerbitz
      Pages 209-213
    3. Judy P. Masucci, Eric A. Schon, Michael P. King
      Pages 215-219
    4. Thérèse Ferlin, Géraldine Guironnet, Marie-Céline Barnoux, Renée Dumoulin, Georges Stepien, Bénédicte Mousson
      Pages 221-225
    5. Julio Montoya, Acisclo Perez-Martos, Heike L. Garstka, Rudolf J. Wiesner
      Pages 227-230
    6. S. Zanssen, M. Molnar, J. M. Schröder, G. Buse
      Pages 231-236
    7. Petra Kaufmann, Magda El-Schahawi, Salvatore DiMauro
      Pages 237-239
  6. Ageing, Mitochondria and Diseases

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 241-241
    2. Frans J. M. Trijbels, Wim Ruitenbeek, Marjan Huizing, Udo Wendel, Jan A. M. Smeitink, Rob C. A. Sengers
      Pages 243-247
    3. Matthias W. Riepe, Albert C. Ludolph
      Pages 249-254
    4. Thomas Klopstock, Markus Naumann, Peter Seibel, Bertold Shalke, Karlheinz Reiners, Heinz Reichmann
      Pages 271-275

About this book


In October 1995, the 1st Colloquium on Mitochondria and Myopathies in Halle/Saale was organized in Halle/Saale by the editors of this focused issue. The meeting took up what might be called an East German tradition: from 1976 to 1990 Andreas Schmidt organized seven clinically orientated Colloquia on Myology in Jena, and from 1974 to 1990 a series of twelve Colloquia on Mitochondria focused on basic research aspects was arranged by Wolfgang Kunz in Magdeburg. At those meetings, East Germany was a mediator between East European, West European and American scientists. In continuation of this tradition, scientists from more than 17 countries working on mitochondria as neurologists, biochemists, geneticists, or as physiologists came to Halle. The title of the colloquium indicated the combination of both basic and clinical mitochondrial research. The most important contributions of this meeting are now published in this focused issue. We thank all authors for their patience and cooperation that have made it possible to produce this unique collection of papers representing current knowledge on detection of mitochondrial causes of diseases. We especially thank Prof. N.S. Dhalla for making it possible to publish these contributions together in this focused issue and also as a hard-cover book.


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