Frontiers in Bioactive Lipids

  • Jack Y. Vanderhoek

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Fatty Acids and Esters

    1. Paul A. Grimaldi, Danielle Gaillard, Hidekuni Inadera, Lydia Teboul, Gérard. Ailhaud, Ez-Zoubir Amri
      Pages 1-6
    2. William E. M. Lands
      Pages 23-30
    3. Krystyna E. Rys-Sikora, Donald L. Gill
      Pages 31-38
  3. Lipid-Binding Proteins

    1. Jacques H. Veerkamp, Clemens F. M. Prinsen
      Pages 45-52
    2. Judith Storch, Fiona M. Herr, Kuo Tung Hsu, Hye Kyung Kim, Heng Ling Liou, Ana Monroy et al.
      Pages 53-59
    3. Gerry Hagens, Karen Roulin, Raymonde Hotz, Jean-Hilaire Saurat, Georges Siegenthaler
      Pages 61-66
    4. Melissa A. Kearns, Min Fang, Marcos Rivas, Brian G. Kearns, Satoshi Kagiwada, Vytas A. Bankaitis
      Pages 83-91
  4. Eicosanoid Biosynthetic Enzymes

  5. Eicosanoids and Receptors

    1. Joseph T. O’Flaherty, Mitsuyuki Kuroki, Larry W. Daniel, Robert L. Wykle, Andrew B. Nixon, Silvano Sozzani
      Pages 149-155
    2. Christian C. Felder, Amie Nielsen, Eileen M. Briley, M. Palkovits, J. M. Richardson, R. M. Riggin et al.
      Pages 157-164
    3. Perry V. Halushka, Claire J. Allan, Michael Martin, Thomas A. Morinelli, Katsuhiro Higashiura, G. Patrick Meier et al.
      Pages 175-182
  6. Sphingolipids

    1. Ghassan S. Dbaibo, Lina M. Obeid, Yusuf A. Hannun
      Pages 183-192
    2. Sarah Spiegel, Peter Burbelo, Olivier Cuvillier, Lisa Edsall, Elena Fuior, Burkhard Kleuser et al.
      Pages 193-202
  7. Phospholipids

    1. Jeffrey N. Keller, Marion R. Steiner, Mark P. Mattson, Sheldon M. Steiner
      Pages 223-228
    2. Christopher P. Berrie, Marco Falasca, Angela Carvelli, Cristiano Iurisci, Daniela Corda
      Pages 229-237
    3. Fred Snyder, Ten-Ching Lee, Merle L. Blank, Koji Shinozaki, Ming-Che Ou, Veronica Fitzgerald
      Pages 239-243
    4. Christoph C. Geilen, Thomas Wieder, Constantin E. Orfanos
      Pages 245-250
  8. Phospholipases/Kinases

    1. T. Kendall Harden, Theresa M. Filtz, Andrew Paterson, Marie-Christine Galas, José L. Boyer, Gary L. Waldo
      Pages 257-263
    2. John H. Exton
      Pages 265-277
    3. Valérie. Planat, Michel Record, Hélène. Tronchere, Gérard. Ribbes, Hugues Chap
      Pages 279-290
    4. Alexia Zakaroff, Nadia Meskini, Catherine Joulain, Georges Némoz, Michel Lagarde, Annie-France. Prigent
      Pages 291-297
    5. Harold W. Cook, Stephen C. Van Iderstine, Sherry C. Morash, Sergio D. Rosé, Neale D. Ridgway, David M. Byers
      Pages 299-306
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 307-313

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