Oxygen Transport to Tissue XVIII

  • Edwin M. Nemoto
  • Joseph C. LaManna
  • Christopher Cooper
  • David Delpy
  • Karlfried Groebe
  • Thomas K. Hunt
  • Peter Keipert
  • Avrahim Mayevsky
  • Roland N. Pittman
  • William L. Rumsey
  • Peter Vaupel
  • David F. Wilson

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 411)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Assessment of Dysoxia

    1. D. G. Buerk, S. Osanai, D. K. Chugh, A. Mokashi, S. Lahiri
      Pages 1-5
    2. Michael L. Forbes, Kristy S. Hendrich, Joanne K. Schiding, Donald S. Williams, Chien Ho, Steven T. DeKosky et al.
      Pages 7-12
    3. P. J. Hoopes, K. J. Liu, G. Bacic, E. L. Rolett, J. F. Dunn, H. M. Swartz
      Pages 13-21
    4. J. C. LaManna, M. A. Haxhiu, K. L. Kutina-Nelson, S. Pundik, B. Erokwu, N. S. Cherniack
      Pages 23-31
    5. Ke Jian Liu, P. Jack Hoopes, Ellis L. Rolett, Brion J. Beerle, A. Azzawi, Fuminori Goda et al.
      Pages 33-39
    6. A. Mayevsky, S. Nioka, D. J. Wang, B. Chance
      Pages 41-53
    7. Miguel A. Pérez-Pinzón, Peter L. Lutz, Thomas J. Sick, Myron Rosenthal
      Pages 75-81
    8. Eugene L. Roberts Jr., Ching-Ping Chih, Myron Rosenthal
      Pages 83-89
    9. Robert Schlichtig
      Pages 91-95
    10. Outi Tammela, Dekun Song, Marta Olano, Maria Delivoria-Papadopoulos, David F. Wilson, Anna Pastuszko
      Pages 103-112
    11. A. J. van der Kleij, R. Kooyman, D. J. Bakker
      Pages 113-120
  3. Myocardial Hypoxia-Ischemia

    1. R. J. F. Houston, S. H. Skotnicki, A. Heerschap, B. Oeseburg
      Pages 121-127
    2. Giampiero Merati, Sonia Allibardi, Giovanna Marrazza, Marco Mascini, Michele Samaja
      Pages 129-134
    3. David A. Silverman, Karel Rakusan
      Pages 135-143
    4. Eiji Takahashi, Katsuhiko Doi
      Pages 145-148
  4. Tissue Oxygen Distribution

  5. Tissue Oxygenation in Tumors

    1. J. F. Dunn, S. Ding, J. A. O’Hara, K. J. Liu, E. Rhodes, F. Goda et al.
      Pages 209-214
    2. S. M. Evans, W. T. Jenkins, M. Shapiro, C. J. Koch
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      Pages 233-242
    5. L. Weissfloch, T. Auberger, R. Senekowitsch-Schmidtke, F. M. Wagner, K. Tempel, M. Molls
      Pages 255-260
  6. Oxygen Supply—Demand

    1. John A. Kellum, Rinaldo Bellomo, David J. Kramer, Michael R. Pinsky
      Pages 275-279
    2. John A. Kellum, David J. Kramer, Sunil Mankad, Rinaldo Bellomo, Kang Lee, Michael R. Pinsky
      Pages 281-285
    3. C. E. King-VanVlack, S. E. Curtis, J. D. Mewburn, S. M. Cain, C. K. Chapler
      Pages 287-293
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      Pages 323-329
    7. Guo-Fan Ye, Frans F. Jöbsis-VanderVliet, Paul D. Jöbsis, Stephen E. Dubin, Wenyao Shi, Dov Jaron
      Pages 331-336
  7. Angiogenesis and Microcirculation

    1. C. Balagopalakrishna, R. Nirmala, J. M. Rifkind, S. Chatterjee
      Pages 337-345
    2. M. F. König, P. Schlatter, P. H. Burri
      Pages 353-358
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      Pages 359-364
    4. T. Koyama, M. Gao, S. Batra, H. Togashi, H. Saito
      Pages 365-368
  8. Oxygen Carriers

    1. S. Batra, P. E. Keipert, J. D. Bradley, N. S. Faithfull, S. F. Flaim
      Pages 377-381
    2. M. V. Kameneva, H. S. Borovetz, J. F. Antaki, P. Litwak, W. J. Federspiel, R. L. Kormos et al.
      Pages 383-390

About this book


The 23rd annual meeting of the International Society on Oxygen Transport to Tissue took place from August 23-27, 1995, at the Station Square Sheraton along the shores of the Monongahela River where it meets with the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers to form the "Point" of the city of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh was a convenient location for the meeting be­ ing between both the East and West coasts of the United States and between the Asian and European continents. It is easily accessible by air via its large international airport. In ad­ dition, Pittsburgh has just recently undergone a transition from the steel mills and indus­ tries of old to an age of computers and biotechnology as evidenced by the new Biotechnology Center of the University of Pittsburgh where a lunch and tour were pro­ vided for interested participants. On the tour, the participants got to see the mix of projects ranging from molecular biology to clinical projects studying membrane oxygenators, ven­ tricular assist devices, oxygen carriers, and more, representing the forefront of research on oxygen delivery systems to tissue.


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  • Joseph C. LaManna
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  • Christopher Cooper
  • David Delpy
  • Karlfried Groebe
  • Thomas K. Hunt
  • Peter Keipert
  • Avrahim Mayevsky
  • Roland N. Pittman
  • William L. Rumsey
  • Peter Vaupel
  • David F. Wilson
  1. 1.University of PittsburghPittsburghUSA
  2. 2.Case Western Reserve UniversityClevelandUSA

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