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Synchrotron Radiation Techniques in Industrial, Chemical, and Materials Science

  • Kevin L. D’Amico
  • Louis J. Terminello
  • David K. Shuh

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Industrial

    1. R. A. Bubeck, S. R. Bare, B. M. DeKoven, P. R. Rudolf, M. D. Heaney
      Pages 55-82
    2. James A. Kaduk, John Faber, Shiyou Pei
      Pages 83-106
    3. F. J. Himpsel, D. A. Lapiano-Smith, H. Akatsu, J. A. Carlisle, E. A. Hudson, L. J. Terminello et al.
      Pages 107-118
  3. Chemical

    1. X. Yang, D. A. Blank, J. Lin, P. A. Heimann, A. M. Wodtke, Y. T. Lee et al.
      Pages 119-128
    2. Matthew J. Latimer, Holger Dau, Wenchuan Liang, Joy C. Andrews, Theo A. Roelofs, Roehl M. Cinco et al.
      Pages 141-148
    3. K. M. Kemner, D. B. Hunter, W. T. Elam, P. M. Bertsch
      Pages 149-158
    4. Cleveland J. Dodge, Arokiasamy J. Francis, Clive R. Clayton
      Pages 159-168
    5. Patrick G. Allen, Jerome J. Bucher, Melissa A. Denecke, Norman M. Edelstein, Nik Kaltsoyannis, Heino Nitsche et al.
      Pages 169-185
  4. Materials Science

    1. V. Chakarian, Y. U. Idzerda, C. T. Chen, G. Meigs, C.-C. Kao
      Pages 187-205
    2. J. Kikuma, J. D. Denlinger, E. Rotenberg, B. P. Tonner
      Pages 207-214
    3. Tobias Reich, Melissa A. Denecke, Susanne Pompe, Marianne Bubner, Karl-Heinz Heise, Maren Schmidt et al.
      Pages 215-228
    4. Lester R. Morss, Mark A. J. Schmidt, Kenneth L. Nash, Patrick G. Allen, Jerome J. Bucher, Norman Edelstein et al.
      Pages 229-235
    5. John G. Darab, Hong Li, Dean W. Matson, Peter A. Smith, Robert K. MacCrone
      Pages 237-255
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 257-259

About this book


The individual papers that comprise this monograph are derived from two American Chemical Society (ACS) Fall National Meetings that focused on the current uses of synchrotron radiation (SR) research techniques. The first Symposium was held in Washington, DC, in August 1994, and the second convened in Chicago, IL, in August 1995. The intent of these symposia was to present a broad overview of several current topics in industrial, chemical, and materials-based SR research to a chemically inclined audience. The SR techniques covered were divided roughly into the three general fields of industrial, chemical, and materials science for this purpose. Included within these four categories are environmental, geologic, atomic/molecular, analytical, solid state physics, surface science, and biological applications of SR. There is little doubt that structural biology and environmental science are the largest growth areas in SR research as this monograph goes to press. The spirit of these symposia was to bring together the expert synchrotron radiation user with new and potential users of SR techniques. There are now a preponderance of particle storage rings, located throughout the world, devoted exclusively to the production of SR. There have been great improvements in the particle accelerators and storage rings from which SR emanates. These newest third generation SR sources are the result of the successful collaboration between SR users and accelerator physicists which has made a reality out of experiments never before possible.


Crystallography Powder diffraction cluster crystal diffraction polymer spectroscopy

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  • David K. Shuh
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