Biology of Root Formation and Development

  • Arie Altman
  • Yoav Waisel

Part of the Basic Life Sciences book series (BLSC, volume 65)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Peter W. Barlow, Beatriz Palma
    Pages 1-11
  3. Claudia van den Berg, Viola Willemsen, Nicole van der Werff, Harald Wolkenfelt, Heather McKhann, Peter Weisbeek et al.
    Pages 21-29
  4. Asher Bar-Tal, Ruth Ganmore-Neumann, Gozal Ben-Hayyim
    Pages 39-45
  5. Nir Atzmon, Oded Reuveni, Joseph Riov
    Pages 47-50
  6. Thomas Gaspar, Claire Kevers, Jean-François Hausman
    Pages 55-63
  7. Laurent Duroux, Fabienne Fontaine, Christian Breton, Jean-Paul Charpentier, Patrick Doumas, Christian Jay-Allemand
    Pages 75-84
  8. A. Romano, M. A. Martins-Loução
    Pages 91-92
  9. Galina Telysheva, Galina Lebedeva, Tatiana Dizhbite, Natalya Zaimenko, Datse Grivinya, Olga Virzina
    Pages 92-93
  10. W. M. Van der Krieken, J. Kodde, M. H. M. Visser, A. Blaakmeer, K. de Groot, L. Leegstra et al.
    Pages 95-104
  11. Barbara Vilhar, Maja Ravnikar, Dennis Francis
    Pages 105-110
  12. Geert-Jan De Klerk, Jolanda Ter Brugge, Jan Jasik, Svetla Marinova
    Pages 111-116
  13. E. Caboni, P. Lauri, M. G. Tonelli, P. Iacovacci, C. Damiano
    Pages 117-124
  14. Wolfram Hartung, Neil C. Turner
    Pages 125-132
  15. Jean-François Hausman, Danièle Evers, Claire Kevers, Thomas Gaspar
    Pages 133-139
  16. A. M. Pelacho, J. Pérez-Catalan, L. I. Martín-Closas
    Pages 141-145
  17. Peter Neumann, Ofer Chazen, Lev Bogoslavsky, Wolfram Hartung
    Pages 147-154
  18. Ari Rajala, Pirjo Peltonen-Sainio
    Pages 156-157
  19. J. Martin-Tanguy, B. Pasquis, C. Dreumont, D. Tepfer, F. Leach
    Pages 158-159
  20. Barry Goldfarb, Zhigang Lian, Carmen Lanz-Garcia, Ross Whetten
    Pages 163-167
  21. W. P. Hackett, S. T. Lund, A. G. Smith
    Pages 169-174
  22. Roland Grönroos, Anders Lindroth, Haile Yibrah, David Clapham
    Pages 175-180
  23. Tzvi Tzfira, Alexander Vainstein, Arie Altman, Christian Sig Jensen
    Pages 181-186
  24. Yael Mahler-Slasky, Dvora Aviv, Esra Galun, Shmuel Wolf, Shmuel Galili, Avihai Perl et al.
    Pages 187-192
  25. Michael S. Greenwood, Patricia B. Singer, Antoinette Decker, Keith W. Hutchison, Carmen Diaz-Sala
    Pages 203-208
  26. B. Vinocur, T. Tzfira, A. Vainstein, A. Altman, M. Ziv
    Pages 217-219
  27. Ann-Caroline Nordström, Marie Bollmark, Helena Forsell, Johanna Wouters, Lennart Eliasson
    Pages 219-220
  28. A. Stokes, D. Guitard
    Pages 227-236
  29. Z. Plaut, Melanie Newman, Evelyn Federman, A. Grava
    Pages 243-248
  30. Bernard R. Glick, Sibdas Ghosh, Changping Liu, Erwin B. Dumbroff
    Pages 253-257

About this book


This book contains the majority of the presentations of the Second International Symposium on the Biology of Root Formation and Development that was hcld in Jerusa­ lem, Israel, June 23---28, 1996. Following the First Symposium on the Biology of Adventi­ tious Root Formation, held in Dallas. USA, 1993, we perceived the need to include all kinds of roots, not only the shoot-borne ones. The endogenous signals that control root formation. and the subsequent growth and development processes, are very much alike, re­ gardless of the sites and sources of origin of the roots. Therefore, we included in the Sec­ ond Symposium contributions on both shoot-borne (i.e., adventitious) roots and root-borne (i.e., lateral) roots. Plant roots have remained an exciting and an intriguing field of sciencc. During thc years that followed the first symposium, an exceptional proliferation of interest in root biology has developed, associated with the intensive research activity in this field and the contemporary developments in the understanding of root function and development. New methods have been applied, and old ideas and interprctations werc rccxamined. Alto­ gether, it became necessary to update our viewpoints and to expand them.


Expression gene expression physiology plant development plant roots root growth roots

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  2. 2.Tel Aviv UniversityTel AvivIsrael

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