Aspartic Proteinases

Retroviral and Cellular Enzymes

  • Michael N. G. James

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 436)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Plenary

    1. Tom L. Blundell, Kunchur Guruprasad, Armando Albert, Mark Williams, Bancinyane L. Sibanda, Venugopal Dhanaraj
      Pages 1-13
  3. Retroviral Aspartic Proteinases I

    1. Steve C. Pettit, Nijing Sheng, Radonna Tritch, Susan Erickson-Viitanen, Ronald Swanstrom
      Pages 15-25
    2. Bruce D. Korant, Peter Strack, Michelle W. Frey, Christopher J. Rizzo
      Pages 27-29
    3. Charles S. Craik, Lilia M. Babé, Deborah Dauber, Fiona McPhee, Jason Rosé, Ayce Ünal
      Pages 31-39
    4. D. J. Powell, D. Bur, A. Wlodawer, A. Gustchina, B. M. Dunn, J. Kay
      Pages 41-45
    5. Gregory Bloom, Elena Perez, Shefal Parikh, John Kay, John Mills, Maureen Goodenow et al.
      Pages 53-57
    6. Lin Hong, Cai Zhang, Jean A. Hartsuck, Steve Foundling, Jordan Tang
      Pages 59-63
    7. Deborah S. Dauber, Fiona McPhee, Ayçe Ünal, Charles S. Craik
      Pages 65-70
    8. Back Matter
      Pages 71-74
  4. Retroviral Aspartic Proteinases II

    1. S. Pazhanisamy, Judith A. Partaledis, B. G. Rao, David J. Livingston
      Pages 75-83
    2. S. I. Wilson, L. H. Phylip, S. V. Gulnik, J. S. Mills, D. Bur, B. M. Dunn et al.
      Pages 85-89
    3. Fredy Sussman, Luis A. Martínez, M. Carmen Villaverde
      Pages 91-97
    4. Helena Danielson, Maria T. Lindgren, Per-Olof Markgren, Ulrika Nillroth
      Pages 99-103
    5. Iva Pichová, Aleš Zábranský, Iveta Košťálová, Olga Hrušková-Heidingsfeldová, Martin Andreansky, Eric Hunter et al.
      Pages 105-108
    6. Iva Pichová, Anna Teplitsky, Romana Cubínková, Aleš Zábranský, Gil Shoham, Olga Hrušková-Heidingsfeldová
      Pages 109-113
    7. I. V. Kashparov, M. E. Popov, E. M. Popov
      Pages 115-121
    8. Back Matter
      Pages 127-132
  5. Mammalian Aspartic Proteinases

    1. Ben M. Dunn, Kohei Oda, John Kay, Chetana Rao-Naik, W. Todd Lowther, Brian M. Beyer et al.
      Pages 133-138
    2. John M. Chirgwin, Suzanne Schultz, Deepali Sachdev
      Pages 139-146
    3. P. J. Tatnell, S. D. Fowler, D. Bur, W. E. Lees, J. Kay
      Pages 147-152
    4. Gene D. Godbold, Kyujeong Ahn, Susan Yeyeodu, Li-Fen Lee, Jenny P.-Y. Ting, Ann H. Erickson
      Pages 153-162
    5. Jonathan Green, Sancai Xie, Xinsheng Gan, R. Michael Roberts
      Pages 163-167
    6. Armando Albert, Tom L. Blundell, V. Dhanaraj, Luis Enrique Donate, Matthew Groves, Kunchur Guruprasad et al.
      Pages 169-177
    7. E. A. Gustchina, P. Majer, L. D. Rumsh, L. M. Ginodman, N. S. Andreeva
      Pages 179-184
    8. Deepali Sachdev, Yasu Ohsaki, G. David Roodman, John M. Chirgwin
      Pages 185-189
    9. Sancai Xie, Jonathan Green, R. Michael Roberts
      Pages 195-200
    10. N. I. Tarasova, G. Czerwinski, N. B. Roberts, J. Lubkowski, T. L. Sumpter, B. N. Green et al.
      Pages 201-206
    11. Uri Wormser, Berta Brodsky, Eldad Victor Moor, Arie Eldad, Rivka Gal, Abraham Nyska et al.
      Pages 207-212
    12. Hiroshi Nakanishi, Kenji Yamamoto
      Pages 213-217
    13. Marina Bukhtiyarova, Chetana Rao-Naik, Peter J. Tatnell, Paul C. White, John Kay, Ben M. Dunn
      Pages 219-222
    14. Back Matter
      Pages 223-228
  6. Aspartic Proenzymes and Activation

    1. Timothy L. Reudelhuber, Véronique Brechler, Isabelle Jutras, Chantal Mercure, Danielle Methot
      Pages 229-238
    2. H. Inoue, X.-P. Huang, T. Hayashi, S. B. P. Athauda, H. Yamagata, S. Udaka et al.
      Pages 239-244
    3. Miguel Ramalho-Santos, José Pissarra, Euclides Pires, Carlos Faro
      Pages 253-258
    4. Katherine S. Bateman, Maia M. Chernaia, Nadya I. Tarasova, Michael N. G. James
      Pages 259-263
    5. Amir R. Khan, Maia M. Chernaia, Nadezhda I. Tarasova, Michael N. G. James
      Pages 265-270
    6. Back Matter
      Pages 271-273
  7. Microbial Aspartic Proteinases

    1. Kenji Takahashi, N. Kagami, X.-P. Huang, M. Kojima, H. Inoue
      Pages 275-282
    2. J. Wilson Quail, Jian Yang, Palle Schneider, Zongchao Jia
      Pages 283-292
    3. Cele Abad-Zapatero, Robert Goldman, Steven W. Muchmore, Charles Hutchins, Tetsuro Oie, Kent Stewart et al.
      Pages 297-313
    4. Vicki Olsen, Niamh X. Cawley, Y. Peng Loh
      Pages 315-319
    5. Javier Gómez, Nora Semo, Ernesto Freire
      Pages 325-328
    6. Iva Pichová, Kateřina Brožková, Libuše Pavlíčková, Martin Fusek, Ivana Křížová, Tomáš Ruml et al.
      Pages 329-333

About this book


The VIIth International Conference on Aspartic Proteinases was held in Banff, Alberta, Canada, from October 22 to 27, 1996. The venue was the Banff Centre in the Canadian Rockies, a setting well known worldwide for the scenic beauty and mountain grandeur. It was perhaps presumptuous of the organizers to call this the seventh Aspartic Proteinase Conference but it was felt that the meeting in 1982, organized by Tom Blundell and John Kay, was of an international stature and covered topics sufficiently broad to constitute a conference. Thus, there is a discontinuity in that the Gifu Conference organized by Prof. Kenji Takahashi was the fifth International Conference on Aspartic Proteinases. Officially, there has not been a sixth Conference and if there is confusion, it is the result of my desire to recognize the importance of the London meeting. Banffhosted 106 scientists from 14 different countries. There were 26 invited speak­ ers among the 44 oral presentations of the 7 main sessions. In addition, there were 53 con­ tributed poster presentations that spanned the whole range of interest in aspartic proteinases.


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