Diagnostics for Experimental Thermonuclear Fusion Reactors 2

  • Peter E. Stott
  • Giuseppe Gorini
  • Paolo Prandoni
  • Elio Sindoni

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. The ITER Project

    1. ITER Joint Central Team and Home Teams, G. Janeschitz, D. Boucher, T. Burges, K. Ioki, H. Pacher et al.
      Pages 1-24
    2. V. S. Mukhovatov, R. Bartiromo, D. Boucher, A. E. Costley, L. de Kock, K. Ebisawa et al.
      Pages 25-40
    3. A. E. Costley, K. Ebisawa, P. Edmonds, G. Janeschitz, L. C. Johnson, S. Kasai et al.
      Pages 41-56
    4. C. I. Walker, T. Ando, A. Costley, L. de Kock, K. Ebisawa, P. Edmonds et al.
      Pages 57-66
    5. L. de Kock, G. Janeschitz, A. Kukushkin, H. D. Pacher, T. Ando, A. Costley et al.
      Pages 67-78
    6. P. H. Edmonds, R. Barnsley, N. Hawkes, A. Kislyakov, G. Vayakis, C. Walker et al.
      Pages 79-82
    7. Jonathan B. Lister
      Pages 83-92
    8. Osamu Mitarai, Katsunori Muraoka
      Pages 93-96
  3. Reflectometry and ECE

    1. G. Vayakis, T. Ando, N. Bretz, L. de Kock, A. J. H. Donné, E. J. Doyle et al.
      Pages 97-106
    2. V. Vershkov, M. Manso, G. Vayakis, A. J. Sanchez, D. Wagner, C. Walker et al.
      Pages 107-118
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      Pages 139-150
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      Pages 185-188
    12. H. Hartfuss, M. Zerbini, P. Buratti, P. de Bernardis, M. De Petris
      Pages 189-192
  4. Interferometry, Polarimetry and Thomson Scattering

    1. T. N. Carlstrom, R. T. Snider, C. B. Baxi, C. L. Rettig, W. A. Peebles
      Pages 193-202
    2. A. J. H. Donné, T. Edlington, E. Joffrin, H. R. Koslowski, Ch. Nieswand, S. Segre et al.
      Pages 203-212
    3. P. Nielsen, L. de Kock, C. Gowers, F. Orsitto, H. Salzmann, C. Walker
      Pages 217-226
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      Pages 253-256
    8. Akira Nagashima, Tsuneshi Fujisawa, Tatsuo Sugie, Satoshi Kasai
      Pages 257-260
  5. Radiation Effects

    1. S. Yamamoto, L. de Kock, V. Belyakov, D. Orlinski, F. Engelmann, E. Hodgson et al.
      Pages 269-278
    2. M. Mayer, R. Behrisch, C. Gowers, P. Andrew, A. T. Peacock
      Pages 279-286
    3. Andrei A. Ivanov, Sergei N. Tugarinov, Igor N. Rastyagaev, Vladimir N. Amosov, Yuri A. Kaschuck, Anatoli V. Krasilnikov et al.
      Pages 287-290
    4. O. Deparis, P. Mégret, M. Decréton, M. Blondel, K. M. Golant, A. L. Tomashuk
      Pages 291-295
  6. Passive Spectroscopy and NPA

    1. N. C. Hawkes, R. De Angelis, S. Dillon, P. Edmonds, J. Edwards, R. M. Giannella et al.
      Pages 297-305
    2. R. Barnsley, P. H. Edmonds, R. M. Giannella, M. G. O’Mullane
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      Pages 349-352
    8. A. I. Kislyakov, V. I. Afanassiev, A. V. Khudoleev, S. S. Kozlovskij, M. P. Petrov
      Pages 353-360
  7. Active Spectroscopy

    1. D. M. Thomas, K. H. Burrell, M. R. Wade, R. T. Snider
      Pages 361-370
    2. R. W. T. König, H. Anderson, P. Breger, W. G. F. Core, J. P. Feist, N. Hawkes et al.
      Pages 371-380
    3. K. Grützmacher, A. Steiger, Ch. Seiser, M. I. de la Rosa, U. Johannsen
      Pages 385-388
  8. Bolometry

    1. Roger Reichle, Marco Di Maio, L. Christian Ingesson
      Pages 389-398
    2. G. A. Wurden, B. J. Peterson
      Pages 399-408

About this book


This book of proceedings collects the papers presented at the workshop on "Diagnostics for Experimental Fusion Reactors" held at Villa Monastero, Varenna (Italy) September 4-12, 1997. This workshop was the seventh organized by the International School of Plasma Physics "Piero Caldirola" on the topic of plasma diagnostics and the second devoted to the diagnostic studies for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER). The proceedings of the first workshop on ITER diagnostics were published by Plenum Press in 1996 with the title "Diagnostics for Experimental Thermonuclear Fusion Reactors". While many of the ideas and studies reported in the first workshop remain valid, there has been sub­ stantial progress in the design and specification of many diagnostics for ITER. This moti­ vated a second workshop on this topic and the publication of a new book of proceedings. ITER is a joint venture between Europe, Japan, Russia and USA in the field of con­ trolled thermonuclear fusion research. The present aim of ITER is to design an experimental fusion reactor that can demonstrate ignition and sustained burn in a magnetically confined plasma. To achieve this goal, a wide range of plasma parameters will have to be measured reliably. It is also anticipated that diagnostics will be used much more extensively as input to control systems on ITER than on present fusion devices and this will require increased relia­ bility and long-term stability.


Nuclear fusion Plasma fusion plasma physics radiation scattering

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