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System Theory

Modeling, Analysis and Control

  • Theodore E. Djaferis
  • Irvin C. Schick

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Jacques-Louis Lions
    Pages 23-38
  3. Jan C. Willems
    Pages 39-53
  4. Fabio Fagnani, Sandro Zampieri
    Pages 55-62
  5. Andrea C. G. Mennucci
    Pages 63-74
  6. Roger Brockett, Navin Khaneja
    Pages 75-96
  7. Vivek S. Borkar
    Pages 107-120
  8. Upendra V. Chaudhari
    Pages 155-165
  9. Christopher I. Byrnes, Tryphon T. Georgiou, Anders Lindquist
    Pages 167-179
  10. Richard Vinter
    Pages 225-232

About this book


System Theory: Modeling, Analysis and Control contains thirty-three scientific papers covering a wide range of topics in systems and control. These papers have been contributed to a symposium organized to celebrate Sanjoy K. Mitter's 65th birthday. The following research topics are addressed: distributed parameter systems, stochastic control, filtering and estimation, optimization and optimal control, image processing and vision, hierarchical systems and hybrid control, nonlinear systems, and linear systems. Also included are three survey papers on optimization, nonlinear filtering, and nonlinear systems.
Recent advances are reported on the behavioral approach to systems, the relationship between differential games and robust control, estimation of diffusion processes, Markov processes, optimal control, hybrid control, stochastic control, spectral estimation, nonconvex quadratic programming, robust control, control algorithms and quantized linear systems. Innovative explorations are carried out on quantum systems from a control theory perspective, option valuation and hedging, three-dimensional medical visualization, computational structure biology image processing, and hierarchical approaches to complex systems, flow control, scheduling and force feedback in fluid mechanics. The contents reflect on past research accomplishments, current research activity, and future research directions in systems and control theory.


3D Mapping Nonlinear system complex system complex systems design filter image processing modeling optimal control programming simulation system systems theory visualization

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  • Theodore E. Djaferis
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  • Irvin C. Schick
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  1. 1.University of Massachusetts AmherstUSA
  2. 2.GTE InternetworkingUSA
  3. 3.Harvard UniversityUSA

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