Concise Encyclopedia of Plastics

  • Donald V. Rosato
  • Marlene G. Rosato
  • Dominick V. Rosato

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. A Plastics Overview: Figures and Tables

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Donald V. Rosato, Marlene G. Rosato, Dominick V. Rosato
      Pages 3-7
  3. World of Plastics Reviews

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 9-9
    2. Michael R. Cappelletti
      Pages 11-11
    3. Donald K. Duncan, Bonnie Merrill Limbach, Jennifer S. Dills
      Pages 13-13
    4. Ronald H. Yocum, Susan P. Moore
      Pages 15-16
    5. Aldo Crugnola, Nick R. Schott, A. G. Panos
      Pages 17-17
    6. Robert D. Leaversuch, Patrick A. Toensmeier, Thomas Nuebling
      Pages 19-19
    7. Matthew H. Naitove, James J. Callari
      Pages 21-21
    8. Robert C. Grace, Anthony J. Eagan
      Pages 23-23
    9. Suzy Witzler, T. Peter Sullivan, Peter M. Zacher
      Pages 25-26
    10. Leonard A. Schlesinger
      Pages 27-33
    11. Martin K. Pottle
      Pages 35-36
    12. M. G. Rosato, D. V. Rosato
      Pages 39-52
  4. Alphabetical Listing A to Z

    1. Donald V. Rosato, Marlene G. Rosato, Dominick V. Rosato
      Pages 79-582
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 583-716

About this book


After over a century of worldwide production of all kinds trol persons, cost estimators, buyers, vendors, consultants, of products, the plastics industry is now the fourth largest and others. industry in the United States. This brief, concise, and prac­ The bulk of the book is the alphabetical listing of en­ tical book is a cutting edge compendium of the plastics tries. Preceding those entries is A Plastics Overview: Fig­ industry's information and terminology-ranging from ures and Tables (which presents eight summary guides on design, materials, and processes, to testing, quality control, the subjects examined in the text) and then the World of regulations, legal matters, and profitability. New and use­ Plastics Reviews (which presents 14 articles that provide ful developments in plastic materials and processing con­ general introductory information, comprehensive updates, tinually are on the horizon, and the examples of these de­ and important networking avenues within the world of velopments that are discussed in the book provide guides plastics). Following the alphabetical listing of entries, at the to past and future trends. end of the encyclopedia, seven appendices provide back­ This practical and comprehensive book reviews the ground and source guide information keyed to the text of the book. The extensive and useful Appendix A, List of plastics industry virtually from A to Z through its more than 25,000 entries. Its concise entries cover the basic is­ Abbreviations, lists all abbreviations used in the text.


International System of Units (SI) Siliconharzmasse accessible basics design information machine mold plastics processing research tables temperature trade units

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