Condensed Matter Theories

  • S. Fantoni
  • S. Rosati

Part of the Condensed Matter Theories book series (COMT, volume 6)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Formal Methods

    1. John W. Clark, Srinivas Gazula
      Pages 1-24
    2. R. F. Bishop, J. B. Parkinson, Yang Xian
      Pages 37-62
    3. M. C. Cambiaggio, G. G. Dussel, J. A. Ramirez
      Pages 63-70
    4. Roger Alan Smith, Hong-Wei He
      Pages 71-78
  3. Quantum Fluids

    1. C. E. Campbell, B. E. Clements
      Pages 79-84
    2. C. W. Greeff, B. E. Clements, H. R. Glyde
      Pages 85-97
    3. A. Meroni, L. Reatto, K. J. Runge
      Pages 99-108
  4. Electronic Systems, Atoms and Molecules

    1. Eugene P. Bashkin, Oleg L. Puzyrko
      Pages 115-124
    2. M. Kobayashi, T. Tomari, F. Tachibana, H. Okazaki
      Pages 137-153
    3. Eugene S. Kryachko, Eduardo V. Ludeña, Vladimiro Mujica
      Pages 161-170
    4. José Pedro Rino, Priya Vashishta, Rajiv K. Kalia
      Pages 171-187
  5. High-Tc Superconductivity

    1. Richard N. Silver, James E. Gubernatis, Devinderjit S. Sivia, Mark Jarrell
      Pages 189-202
    2. V. C. Aguilera-Navarro, M. de Llano, A. Plastino, R. Rossignoli
      Pages 203-217
    3. V. C. Aguilera-Navarro, M. de Llano, A. Plastino
      Pages 219-225
    4. V. C. Aguilera-Navarro, M. de Llano, A. Plastino
      Pages 227-239
    5. A. Kallio, X. Xiong
      Pages 241-257
    6. J. Aliaga, A. N. Proto
      Pages 259-267
  6. Lattice Theories

    1. Peter van Dongen, Dieter Vollhardt
      Pages 269-278
    2. P. Fazekas
      Pages 279-290
    3. A. Dabringhaus, M. L. Ristig
      Pages 291-302
    4. A. B. Migdal
      Pages 309-318
    5. M. M. Alam, F. B. Malik, I. Reichstein
      Pages 335-349
    6. T. L. Ainsworth, E. Krotscheck
      Pages 351-364
    7. Omar Benhar, Adelchi Fabrocini, Stefano Fantoni
      Pages 377-390
    8. R. F. Bishop, E. Buendía, M. F. Flynn, R. Guardiola
      Pages 405-416
    9. A. Polls, A. Ramos, B. E. Vonderfecht, W. H. Dickhoff
      Pages 417-428
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 443-453

About this book


The XIV International Workshop on Condensed Matter Theories has been held at the Elba International Physics Center (EIPC), Marciana Marina, Isola d'Elba, Italy, from 18-23 June, 1990. The Workshop started in 1977 in Sao Paolo, Brazil, as the 1st Pan American Workshop on Condensed Matter Theories, with the purpose of bringing together scientists from the Western countries, working in many different topics of Condensed Matter Theories, to facilitate exchanges of ideas and technologies from different areas as well as collaborations among the scientists. The next five Workshops were held at Trieste, Italy (1978), in Buenos Aires, Argentina ( 1979), in Caracas, Venezuela (1980), in Mexico City, Mexico (1981) and in St. Louis, Missouri, U. S. A. (1982). Given the international dimension reached by the Workshop, it was decided to extend it into an International Workshop, which was held for the first time in Altenberg, Germany (1983). The next editions took place in Granada, Spain (1984), San Francisco, California, U. S. A. (1985), Argonne, Illinois, U. S. A. (1986), Oulu, Finland (1987), Taxco, Mexico (1988) and Campos do Jordao, Brasil (1989). Many scientists have contributed to the development of the various editions of the Work­ shop. However, a particular mention has to be made to Profs. Manuel de Llano and Angel Plastino who initially proposed the Workshop and carried it forward, and to Prof. J . W. Clark, whose efforts have been of immense help to its recent developments.


atom condensed matter development diffusion electron magnetism many-body problem nuclear physics physics rheology scattering superconductivity

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