Recent Progress in Many-Body Theories

Volume 3

  • T. L. Ainsworth
  • C. E. Campbell
  • B. E. Clements
  • E. Krotscheck

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Nuclear Theory

    1. Andrew D. Jackson
      Pages 1-14
    2. Omar Benhar, Adelchi Fabrocini, Stefano Fantoni
      Pages 29-38
    3. Brian D. Serot, John Dirk Walecka
      Pages 49-92
    4. James P. Vary, John R. Spence, Charles J. Benesh, D. K. Ross, Alan J. Sommerer
      Pages 93-106
    5. M. L. Ristig, A. Dabringhaus
      Pages 107-116
  3. Condensed Matter

    1. P. Jena, C. Yannouleas, S. N. Khanna, B. K. Rao
      Pages 135-144
    2. Mehran Kardar, Ernesto Medina
      Pages 145-156
    3. J. W. Halley, C. Das Gupta, S. Davis, X.-F. Wang
      Pages 183-192
  4. Quantum Fluids and Solids

    1. Eugene P. Bashkin
      Pages 193-206
    2. A. Ferrante, M. Bernasconi, X. Q. G. Wang, S. Fantoni, E. Tosatti
      Pages 233-244
  5. Atomic Many-Body

    1. Ingvar Lindgren
      Pages 245-276
    2. John F. Reading, A. L. Ford
      Pages 277-285
    3. J. Paldus, P. Piecuch, B. Jeziorski, L. Pylypow
      Pages 287-303
    4. K. E. Schmidt, Jiong Xiang, J. W. Moskowitz
      Pages 305-314
  6. Models and Methods

    1. D. P. Arovas, S. M. Girvin
      Pages 315-344
    2. Roger Alan Smith, Hong-Wei He
      Pages 345-359
    3. Peter B. Weichman
      Pages 361-370
    4. J. W. Clark, S. Gazula, K. A. Gernoth, J. Hasenbein, J. S. Prater, H. Bohr
      Pages 371-386
    5. R. N. Silver, J. E. Gubernatis, D. S. Sivia, M. Jarrell, H. Roeder
      Pages 397-410
  7. Computational and Monte Carlo Methods

    1. M. H. Kalos, Shiwei Zhang
      Pages 411-420
    2. J. Carlson, K. E. Schmidt
      Pages 431-439
    3. J. E. Gubernatis, D. K. Campbell, Xidi Wang
      Pages 441-450
    4. Richard M. Martin, X.-P. Li, E. L. Shirley, L. Mitáš, D. M. Ceperley
      Pages 451-457
    5. Priya Vashishta, Donald L. Greenwell, Rajiv K. Kalia, Aiichiro Nakano
      Pages 481-492
  8. Feenberg Medal Presentation and Summary

    1. Malvin H. Kalos, Priya Vashishta
      Pages 493-496
    2. Alexander L. Fetter
      Pages 497-505
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 507-510

About this book


The present volume contains the texts of the invited talks delivered at the Sev­ enth International Conference on Recent Progress in Many-Body Theories held at the University of Minnesota during the period August 26-31, 1991. The proceedings of the Fourth Conference (Oulu, Finland, 1987) and Fifth Conference (Arad, Israel, 1989) have been published by Plenum as the first two volumes of this series. Papers from the First Conference (Trieste, 1978) comprise Nuclear Physics volume A328, Nos. 1, 2. The Second Conference (Oaxtepec, Mexico, 1989) was published by Springer-Verlag as volume 142 of "Lecture Notes in Physics," entitled "Recent Progress in Many­ Body Theories." Volume 198 of the same series contains the papers from the Third Conference (Altenberg, Germany, 1983). These volumes are intended to cover a broad spectrum of current research topics in physics that benefit from the application of many-body theories for their elucidation. At the same time there is a focus on the development and refinement of many-body methods. One of the major aims of the conference series has been to foster the ex­ change of ideas among physicists working in such diverse areas as nucleon-nucleon in­ teractions, nuclear physics, astronomy, atomic and molecular physics, quantum chem­ istry, quantum fluids, and condensed matter physics. The present volume contains contributions from all of these areas.


Monte Carlo method atomic physics condensed matter condensed matter physics nuclear physics nucleon phase transition scattering superconductivity

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  • T. L. Ainsworth
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  • C. E. Campbell
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  • B. E. Clements
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  • E. Krotscheck
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  1. 1.Texas A&M University College StationUSA
  2. 2.University of Minnesota MinneapolisMinneapolisUSA

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