Advances in New Materials

  • J. C. Salamone
  • Judy S. Riffle

Part of the Contemporary Topics in Polymer Science book series (CTPS, volume 7)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Perspectives on the Contributions of Michael Szwarc to Polymer Science

  3. High Performance Polymers

    1. Daniel J. Brunelle, Thomas L. Evans
      Pages 5-19
    2. Eugene P. Boden, Daniel J. Brunelle
      Pages 21-34
    3. M. E. Rogers, D. Rodrigues, G. L. Wilkes, J. E. McGrath, A. Brennan
      Pages 47-55
    4. P. Gatenholm, J. Felix, C. Klason, J. Kubát
      Pages 75-82
    5. J. G. Smith Jr., R. M. Ottenbrite
      Pages 83-93
    6. Ernest L. Thurber, Ramachandran P. Subrayan, Paul G. Rasmussen
      Pages 95-102
  4. Polymers for Electronic Applications

    1. James M. Tour, Ruilian Wu, Jeffry S. Schumm
      Pages 199-203
    2. R. P. Burford, S. N. Atchison, R. P. Chaplin, T. Tongtam
      Pages 205-212
    3. Gia Y. Kim, Ronald Salovey, John J. Aklonis
      Pages 213-220
    4. Ch. Kröhnke, J. Finter, C. W. Mayer, J. Ansermet, H. Bleier, B. Hilti et al.
      Pages 221-227
  5. Nonlinear Optics

    1. S. Tripathy, B. K. Mandal, J. Y. Lee, J. Kumar, L. Li
      Pages 237-246
    2. Virgil Percec, Dimitris Tomazos
      Pages 247-268
    3. Gregory L Baker
      Pages 269-277
    4. John D. Stenger-Smith, J. W. Fischer, R. A. Henry, J. M. Hoover, G. A. Lindsay
      Pages 279-284
    5. Michael E. Wright, Edward G. Toplikar
      Pages 285-292
    6. Pamela L. Porter, Shekhar Guha, Keith Kang, Claude C. Frazier
      Pages 293-298
    7. Takashi Kato, Hajime Adachi, Norifumi Hirota, Akira Fujishima, Jean M. J. Fréchet
      Pages 299-305
  6. Polymers From Biological Sources

    1. Robert W. Lenz, Herbert Ulmer, Young-Baek Kim, R. Clinton Fuller
      Pages 307-315
    2. David A. Tirrell, Thomas L. Mason, Maurille J. Fournier
      Pages 317-321
  7. New Polymer Synthesis

  8. Back Matter
    Pages 371-380

About this book


of Polymer Chemistry, Inc. of the American Chemical Society held its The Division 15th Biennial Polymer Symposium on the topic, "Advances in New Materials," November 17-21, 1990, at the Pier 66 Resort and Marina in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. A three and one­ half day program was presented by recognized leaders in major areas of new polymeric materials. The topics of the Biennial Symposium included new high performance polymers, polymers for electronic applications, electrically conducting polymers, nonlinear optics, new polymer systems, and polymers derived from biological media. These are the subject areas of this volume of "Contemporary Topics in Polymer Science". The intent of the Symposium was to focus on recent advances in polymeric materials. The technical sessions were complemented by an initial poster session which augmented the various technical sessions. A particular highlight of the meeting was the presentation to Professor Michael Szwarc of the 1990 Division of Polymer Chemistry Award by Dr. J. L. Benham, Chairman of the T Aymer Division. During his Award address, Professor Szwarc described how he had become a polymer chemist and later developed "living polymers." Without a doubt, Professor Szwarc has made a profound contribution to the polymer field, which has yielded many new forms of living polymerization.


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