The Use of Resealed Erythrocytes as Carriers and Bioreactors

  • Mauro Magnani
  • John R. DeLoach

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 326)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. On Red Blood Cells, Hemolysis and Resealed Ghosts

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
  3. Methods and Procedures for Preparing Resealed Erythrocytes

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 17-17
    2. Andrea Mosca, Renata Paleari, Vincenzo Russo, Enrico Rosti, Rita Nano, Andrea Boicelli et al.
      Pages 19-26
    3. Rita Nano, Andrea Mosca, Renata Paleari, Andrea Boicelli
      Pages 35-39
    4. Stefania Villa, Fabio Rossi, Pier Antonio Biondi, Vincenzo Russo, Tiziano Crimella, Gemino Fiorelli et al.
      Pages 41-49
    5. Tiziano Crimella, Stefania Villa, Fabio Rossi, Gemino Fiorelli, Alberto Zanella
      Pages 51-54
    6. Kathleen Andrews, Robert E. Droleskey, Laura Chiarantini, John R. DeLoach
      Pages 63-71
    7. Robert E. Droleskey, Kathleen Andrews, Laura Chiarantini, John R. DeLoach
      Pages 73-80
    8. José Luque, Marina I. Garín, Silvia Sanz, Paloma Ropero, Montserrat Pinilla
      Pages 81-89
    9. Maria A. Castellana, Maria R. De Renzis, Giampiero Piccinini, Giampaolo Minetti, Claudio Seppi, Cesare Balduini et al.
      Pages 91-99
  4. Resealed Erythrocytes as a Tool for Basic Studies

  5. Resealed Erythrocytes as Cellular Bioreactors

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 157-157
    2. James L. Way, Elizabeth P. Cannon, Peter Leung, Ann Hawkins-Zitzer, Luqi Pei, Ilona Petrikovics
      Pages 159-163
    3. Paolino Ninfali, Luigia Rossi, Luciano Baronciani, Claude Ropars, Mauro Magnani
      Pages 165-173
    4. Roger Ktavtzoff, Isabelle Desbois, Christian Doinel, Philippe Colombat, Jean Pierre Lamagnere, Maurice Chassaigne et al.
      Pages 175-182
    5. Luigia Rossi, Marzia Bianchi, Alessandra Fraternale, Mauro Magnani
      Pages 183-188
    6. Mauro Magnani, Umberto Mancini, Marzia Bianchi, Antonio Fazi
      Pages 189-194
    7. Antonio Fazi, Umberto Mancini, Elena Piatti, Augusto Accorsi, Mauro Magnani
      Pages 195-201
    8. Elena I. Sinauridze, Victor M. Vitvitsky, Alexey V. Pichugin, Anatoly M. Zhabotinsky, Fazoil I. Ataullakhanov
      Pages 203-206
  6. Resealed Erythrocytes as Advanced Drug Delivery Systems

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 207-207
    2. Fazoil I. Ataullakhanov, Victor M. Vitvitsky, Violetta L. Kovaleva, Svetlana B. Mironova
      Pages 209-213
    3. Sophie Noël-Hocquet, Said Jabbouri, Said Lazar, Jean Claude Maunier, Gerald Guillaumet, Claude Ropars
      Pages 215-221
    4. Michela Tonetti, Anna Gasparini, Marco Giovine, Umberto Benatti, Antonio De Flora
      Pages 223-232
    5. Costantino Salerno, Andrea Lucano, Carlo Crifò
      Pages 233-238
    6. Mauro Magnani, Luigia Rossi, Anna Casabianca, Alessandra Fraternale, Giuditta Schiavano, Giorgio Brandi et al.
      Pages 239-245
    7. Edoardo Beretta, Gian Italo Bischi, Fortunata Solimano
      Pages 247-253
  7. Site Specific Targeting of Resealed Erythrocytes

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 255-255
    2. Laura Chiarantini, Robert Droleskey, Mauro Magnani, Heinz Kirch, John R. DeLoach
      Pages 257-267
    3. Laura Chiarantini, Robert E. Droleskey, John R. DeLoach
      Pages 269-277
    4. Nathalie Chestier, Roger Kravtzoff, Sylvie Canepa, Maurice Chassaigne, Claude Ropars
      Pages 279-289
    5. Anna Gasparini, Laura Chiarantini, Heinz Kirch, John R. DeLoach
      Pages 291-297
    6. Anna Gasparini, Michela Tonetti, Barry Astroff, Loyd Rowe, William Satterfield, Russel Schmidt et al.
      Pages 299-304
  8. Human and Veterinary Studies Using Resealed Erythrocytes

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 305-305
    2. Michela Tonetti, Elena Zocchi, Lucrezia Guida, Carolina Polvani, Umberto Benatti, Paolo Biassoni et al.
      Pages 307-317
    3. William C. Satterfield, Curt M. Matherne, Melody S. Clarke, John R. DeLoach
      Pages 319-324
    4. Piero Di Mauro, Martin Langer, Paolo Prato, Bruno Gridelli, Stefano Gatti, Gemino Fiorelli et al.
      Pages 333-340
    5. Heinz J. Kirch, Cynthia Sheffield, John R. DeLoach
      Pages 341-345
    6. Roger Kravtzoff, Eric Urvoase, Catherine Chambon, Claude Ropars
      Pages 347-354

About this book


Until recently the only biomedical use of erythrocytes was in transfusion medicine to restore a normal oxygen delivery. The development of a technology that permits one to open and reseal erythrocytes has dramatically changed this perspective. Currently, a number of teams have shown that engineered erythrocytes can behave as circulating bioreactors for the degradation of toxic metabolites or the inactivation of xenobiotics, as drug delivery systems, as carriers of antigens of vaccinal interest, and in many others biomedical applications. The technology of opening and resealing the erythrocytes has also been used successfully to investigate several basic aspects of erythrocyte metabolism, survival, pathology, etc. Thus, researchers in this field have an extraordinary opportunity to specifically modify the erythrocytes by the introduction of enzymes that generate new metabolic abilities, antibodies that inactivate single metabolic steps, or metabolites that can influence oxygen delivery and/or other cell properties. Furthermore, the pharmacokinetics of any drug can be potentially manipulated by using the erythrocytes as a delivery system. This book, The Use of Resealed Erythrocytes, is based on the fourth meeting of the "International Society for the Use of Resealed Erythrocytes as Carriers and Bioreactors" (I. S. U. R. E. ), held in Urbino, Italy, in 1991, and examines the most recent applications and developments of this technology.


ATP Antigen Oxidation drug delivery enzymes metabolism

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  • Mauro Magnani
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  • John R. DeLoach
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  1. 1.University of UrbinoUrbinoItaly
  2. 2.Agricultural Research Service Food Animal Protection Research LaboratoryUnited States Department of AgricultureCollege StationUSA

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