The Activation of Dioxygen and Homogeneous Catalytic Oxidation

  • Derek H. R. Barton
  • Arthur E. Martell
  • Donald T. Sawyer

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages N1-xv
  2. Introduction: The Dilemmas of O2 and Hooh Activation

    1. Derek H. R. Barton, Donald T. Sawyer
      Pages 1-7
  3. A History of Oxygen Activation: 1773–1993

  4. Industrial Perspectives on the Use of Dioxygen: New Technology to Solve Old Problems

  5. Metal Phosphates: New Vistas for Catalysed Oxidations with Hydrogen Peroxide

    1. A. Johnstone, P. J. Middleton, R. C. Wasson, R. A. W. Johnstone, P. J. C. Pires, G. O. Rocha
      Pages 45-56
  6. The Destruction of Toxic Aqueous Organic Compounds by H2O2/Fe++/UV/O2

    1. C. A. Tolman, W. Tumas, S. Y. L. Lee, D. Campos
      Pages 57-70
  7. Homogeneous Catalyzed Selective Oxidations Based on O2 or H2O2. New Systems and Fundamental Studies

    1. Craig L. Hill, Dean C. Duncan, Eric A. Hecht, Ira Weinstock
      Pages 71-83
  8. Electropox: BP’s Novel Oxidation Technology

  9. Kinetics of Reaction of Dioxygen with Lithium Nickel Oxide, and the Role of Surface Oxygen in Oxidative Coupling of Methane

    1. Y.-K. Sun, J. T. Lewandowski, G. R. Myers, A. J. Jacobson, R. B. Hall
      Pages 97-114
  10. Oxidation of Olefins to Aldehydes Using a Palladium-Copper Catalyst

  11. New Metal Complex Oxygen Absorbents for the Recovery of Oxygen

    1. Dorai Ramprasad, Andrew G. Gilicinski, Thomas J. Markley, Guido P. Pez
      Pages 123-131
  12. Oxygenation of Olefins with Molecular Oxygen Catalyzed by Low Valent Metal Complexes

  13. Formation and Alkene Epoxidation by Higher-Valent Oxo-Metalloporphyrins

    1. Ramesh D. Arasasingham, Thomas C. Bruice
      Pages 147-169
  14. Models for Horseradish Peroxidase Compound II: Phenol Oxidation with Oxoiron(IV) Porphyrins

  15. Non-Porphyrin Iron Complex-Catalyzed Epoxidation of Olefins

    1. Joan Selverstone Valentine, Wonwoo Nam, Raymond Y. N. Ho
      Pages 183-198
  16. Bioinspired Catalysis: Hydroperoxidation of Alkylaromatics

    1. Jeffrey E. Bond, Sergiu M. Gorun, Robert T. Stibrany, George W. Schriver, Thomas H. Vanderspurt
      Pages 199-208
  17. Mechanism of Dioxygen Addition to Nickel-Bound Thiolates

    1. Marcetta Y. Darensbourg, Patrick J. Farmer, Takako Soma, David H. Russell, Touradj Solouki, Joseph H. Reibenspies
      Pages 209-223
  18. Studies on the Mechanism of Gif Reactions

    1. Gilbert Balavoine, Derek H. R. Barton, Yurii V. Geletii, David R. Hill
      Pages 225-242
  19. Cyclohexane Oxidation: Ca. Gif Chemistry Substitute for the Classical Process ?

    1. Ulf Schuchardt, Wagner A. Carvalho, Ricardo Pereira, Estevam V. Spinacé
      Pages 243-255
  20. Catalytic Chemistry of Cytochrome P450 and Peroxidases

    1. Paul R. Ortiz de Montellano
      Pages 257-266
  21. Oxygen-Derived Toxins Generated by Neutrophils and their Microbicidal Mechanisms

  22. Metalloporphyrins as Biomimetic Oxidants and Synthetic Ligninases

  23. Methane Monooxygenase: Models and Mechanism

    1. Katherine E. Liu, Andrew L. Feig, David P. Goldberg, Stephen P. Watton, Stephen J. Lippard
      Pages 301-320
  24. Alkane Functionalization at Nonheme Iron Centers: Mechanistic Insights

    1. Randolph A. Leising, Takahiko Kojima, Lawrence Que Jr.
      Pages 321-331
  25. Characterization of Page Bands from 3′-Labeled Short DNA Fragments Resulting from Oxidative Cleavage by “Mn-TMPyP/KHSO5”. Drastic Modifications of Band Migrations by 5′-End Sugar Residues

  26. New Model Systems for Oxygenases

    1. Daniel Mansuy
      Pages 347-358
  27. Oxygen Activation by Transition Metal Complexes of Macrobicyclic Cyclidene Ligands

    1. Bradley K. Coltrain, Norman Herron, Daryle H. Busch
      Pages 359-380
  28. Dioxygen Reactivity Models for Cytochrome C Oxidase: Synthesis and Characterization of Oxo and Hydroxo-Bridged Porphyrin-Iron/Copper Dinuclear Complexes

    1. Alaganandan Nanthakumar, Stephen Fox, Sarwar M. Nasir, Natarajan Ravi, Boi H. Huynh, Robert D. Orosz et al.
      Pages 381-394
  29. Mechanistic Aspects of O2-Activation on Nickel(II) Tetrahydrosalen Complexes

    1. Arnd Böttcher, Horst Elias, Andreas Huber, Lutz Müller
      Pages 395-409
  30. Singlet Oxygen Dimol-Sensitized Luminescence and Reactions of Singlet Oxygen with Organometallics

    1. Christopher S. Foote, Alexander A. Krasnovsky Jr., Yulan Fu, Matthias Selke, William L. Karney
      Pages 411-422
  31. Evidences for Substrate Activation of Copper Catalyzed Intradiol Cleavage in Catechols

    1. Gábor Speier, Zoltán Tyeklár, Lajos Szabó II, Péter Tóth, Cortland G. Pierpont, David N. Hendrickson
      Pages 423-436
  32. Catalytic, Aerobic Oxygenations with Metalloporphyrin Catalysts. New Structural Insights into Stereoselectivity

  33. Posters

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 439-439
    2. Victor A. Adamian, Yurii V. Geletii, Igor V. Zakharov
      Pages 441-441
    3. G. A. Ardizzoia, G. La Monica, N. Masciocchi, M. Moret
      Pages 442-442
    4. Patrick J. Baesjou, Ger Challa, Willem L. Driessen, Jan Reedijk
      Pages 444-444
    5. Andreja Bakac, Susannah L. Scott, Adam Marchaj, James H. Espenson
      Pages 445-445
    6. Francesco Paolo Ballistreri, Ugo Chiacchio, Antonio Rescifina, Gaetano Andrea Tomaselli, Rosa Maria Toscano
      Pages 446-446
    7. Francesco Paolo Ballistreri, Gaetano Andrea Tomaselli, Rosa Maria Toscano
      Pages 447-447
    8. D. H. R. Barton, S. Bévière, W. Chavasiri, D. R. Hill, B. Hu, T. L. Wang et al.
      Pages 448-448
    9. P. Battioni, J. Haber, R. Iwanejko, D. Mansuy, T. Mlodnicka
      Pages 449-449
    10. S. W. Brown, A. Hackett, A. Johnstone, W. R. Sanderson
      Pages 450-450
    11. J. W. Buchler, G. Goor, A. von Kienle, U. Mayer, G. F. Thiele
      Pages 451-451
    12. Dian Chen, Ramunas J. Motekaitis, Arthur E. Martell, Derek McManus
      Pages 454-454
    13. J. D. Chen, J. Dakka, R. A. Sheldon
      Pages 455-455
    14. Patrick J. Farmer, Marcetta Darensbourg, Takako Soma
      Pages 456-456
    15. Takuzo Funabiki, Takehiro Toyoda, Koji Kashiba, Jun Yorita, Satohiro Yoshida
      Pages 457-457

About this book


This monograph consists of the proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on the Activation of Dioxygen and Homogeneous Catalytic Oxidation, held in College Station, Texas, March 14-19, 1993. It contains an introductory chapter authored by Professors D. H. R. Barton and D. T. Sawyer, and twenty-nine chapters describing presentations by the plenary lecturers and invited speakers. One of the invited speakers, who could not submit a manuscript for reasons beyond his control, is represented by an abstract of his lecture. Also included are abstracts of forty-seven posters contributed by participants in the symposium. Readers who may wish to know more about the subjects presented in abstract form are invited to communicate directly with the authors of the abstracts. This is the fifth international symposium that has been held on this subject. The first was hosted by the CNRS, May 21-29, 1979, in Bendor, France (on the Island of Bandol). The second meeting was organized as a NATO workshop in Padova, Italy, June 24-27, 1984. This was followed by a meeting in Tsukuba, Japan, July 12-16, 1987. The fourth symposium was held at Balatonfured, Hungary, September 10-14, 1990. The sixth meeting is scheduled to take place in Delft, The Netherlands (late Spring, 1996); the organizer and host will be Professor R. A. Sheldon.


Oxidation catalysis catalyst chemistry chromium copper kinetics lithium metals nickel oxygen palladium

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