Symmetries in Science VII

Spectrum-Generating Algebras and Dynamic Symmetries in Physics

  • Bruno Gruber
  • Takaharu Otsuka

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Francesco Iachello
    Pages 3-14
  3. L. Ya. Baranov, R. D. Levine
    Pages 39-48
  4. Itzhak Bars
    Pages 55-74
  5. R. Bijker, A. E. L. Dieperink, A. Leviatan
    Pages 75-86
  6. P. von Brentano, A. Zilges, N. V. Zamfir, R. -D. Herzberg
    Pages 123-131
  7. Jolie A. Cizewski
    Pages 141-150
  8. J. P. Elliott, J. A. Evans, G. L. Long
    Pages 179-183
  9. Herman Feshbach
    Pages 185-190
  10. A. Frank, R. Lemus, R. D. Santiago
    Pages 191-199
  11. Joseph N. Ginocchio, Amiram Leviatan
    Pages 201-213
  12. Jian-Zhong Gu, Yin-Sheng Ling
    Pages 245-247
  13. Michio Honma, Takaharu Otsuka
    Pages 249-259
  14. M. Kobayashi, F. Shimojo
    Pages 275-285
  15. V. K. B. Kota, Y. D. Devi
    Pages 307-327
  16. Pascal Létourneau, Luc Vinet
    Pages 373-382
  17. Amiram Leviatan
    Pages 383-393
  18. P. O. Lipas
    Pages 395-405
  19. Takaharu Otsuka
    Pages 477-495
  20. Xing-Wang Pan, Takaharu Otsuka, Akito Arima
    Pages 497-509
  21. A. Sciarrino
    Pages 511-521
  22. Bin Shao, Niels R. Walet, R. D. Amado
    Pages 523-533
  23. Allan I. Solomon, Joseph L. Birman
    Pages 535-543
  24. Stanisław Szpikowski, Krystyna Zając
    Pages 545-554
  25. K. Sugawara-Tanabe, A. Arima
    Pages 555-564

About this book


The Symposium "Symmetries in Science VII: Spectrum Generating Algebras and Dynamic Symmetries in Physics" was held at the Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in Niigata, Japan Campus, during the period August 28-31, 1992. The Symposium was held in honor of Professor Francesco lachello on the occasion of his 50th birthday. We wish to thank the colleagues and friends of Franco for their participation in the Symposium as well as for contributing articles to this volume honoring him. It was their commitment and involvement which made this Symposium a success. We also wish to thank Dr. Jared H. Dorn, the director of SIUC-N, for his support in the planning and the execution of the Symposium. Moreover we wish to thank Mayor Nobuo Kumakura of Nakajo town and Mr. Kaichi Suzuki of the school entity "The Pacific" for their friendly support. Bruno Gruber, SIUC-N Takaharu Otsuka, University of Tokyo v LAUDATIO ON THE OCCASION OF THE 50TH BIRTHDAY OF PROFESSOR FRANCESCO IACHELLO I first met Franco lachello in 1974. Driving a smart Alfa-Romeo, he came to meet me at the station at Groningen where I was to spend a summer conducting research.


algebra chaos molecule physics spectroscopy string theory symmetry

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  1. 1.Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in NiigataNiigataJapan
  2. 2.University of TokyoTokyoJapan

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