Dendritic Cells in Fundamental and Clinical Immunology

  • Eduard W. A. Kamperdijk
  • Paul Nieuwenhuis
  • Elisabeth C. M. Hoefsmit

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 329)

Table of contents

  1. Dendritic Cell in Vivo: Phenotype and Function

    1. T. Sornasse, V. Flamand, G. De Becker, K. Thielemans, J. Urbain, O. Leo et al.
      Pages 299-303
    2. Eric Claassen, Theo Thepen, Karin Hoeben, John Brevé, Georg Kraal
      Pages 305-310
    3. Mikihiro Shamoto, Satoru Hosokawa, Masanori Shinzato, Chiyuki Kaneko
      Pages 311-314
    4. S. Hill, S. C. Knight, S. Griffiths, I. Kimber
      Pages 315-320
    5. Marsetyawan Soesatyo, Theo Thepen, Muhammad Ghufron, Jeike Biewenga, Taede Sminia
      Pages 321-326
    6. G. Gordon MacPherson, Liming Liu
      Pages 327-332
  2. Follicular Dendritic Cells: Physiology and Pathology

    1. Ernst Heinen, Rikyia Tsunoda, Christian Marcoty, Nadine Antoine, Alain Bosseloir, Nadine Cormann et al.
      Pages 333-338
    2. Yutaka Imai, Kunihiko Maeda, Mitsunori Yamakawa, Yasuaki Karube, Mikio Matsuda, Michio Dobashi et al.
      Pages 339-344
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      Pages 365-370
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      Pages 371-376
    7. Kikuyoshi Yoshida, Timo K. van den Berg, Christine D. Dijkstra
      Pages 377-382
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      Pages 383-386
    9. Gerrit Koopman, Robert M. J. Keehnen, Steven T. Pals
      Pages 387-392
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      Pages 461-465
  3. Panel Discussion on Dendritic Cell Nomenclature

    1. A. H. Warfel, G. J. Thorbecke, D. V. Belsito
      Pages 469-480
    2. Elisabeth C. M. Hoefsmit, Joanne M. S. Arkema, Michiel G. H. Betjes, Carin E. G. Havenith, Ellen van Vugt, Robert H. J. Beelen et al.
      Pages 481-486
    3. Elisabeth C. M. Hoefsmit
      Pages 487-488
  4. Dendritic Cells in Clinical Immunology

    1. Jonathan M. Austyn
      Pages 489-494
    2. B. V. Gaudecker, R. Petersen, M. Epstein, J. Kaden, H. Oesterwitz
      Pages 495-499
    3. Justin A. Roake, Abdul S. Rao, Christian P. Larsen, Deborah F. Hankins, Peter J. Morris, Jonathan M. Austyn
      Pages 501-506
    4. Abdul S. Rao, Justin A. Roake, Christian P. Larsen, Deborah F. Hankins, Peter J. Morris, Jonathan M. Austyn
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    15. Andrew J. Stagg, Arthur Stackpoole, William J. Elsley, Stella C. Knight
      Pages 581-586

About this book


These Proceedings contain the contributions of the participants of the Second International Symposium on Dendritic Cells that was held from the 1st to 25th of June 1992 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The First International Symposium on Dendritic Cells was organized as a Satellite symposium at the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Japanese Reticuloendothelial Society by Dr. Y. Imai in Yamagata (Japan), in 1990. It was entitled "Dendritic Cells in Lymphoid Tissues," and focused primarily on the Interdigitating Cells (IDC), Epidermal Langerhans cells (LC) and Follicular Dendritic Cells (FDC) , from the point of view of human pathology. However, the concept of Dendritic Cell System, comprising the bone marrow derived IDC and LC but not the FDC, was based on animal experiments and mainly on in vitro experiments on isolated cells. In a report from the Reticuloendothelial Society Committee on Nomenclature in 1982, Tew, Thorbecke and Steinman had already characterized these different types of DC, but the gap between in vivo and in vitro function remained. In Amsterdam, the Symposium focused on the Role of Dendritic Cells in Fundamental and Clinical Immunology. First, recent developments in molecular biology of antigen presentation and cell biological aspects of signal transduction were discussed, in relation to the potential of DC to stimulate lymphocytes and to trigger their in vitro differentiation.


Antigen antigen presentation biology cell development lymphocytes molecular biology pathology society system tissue

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  • Eduard W. A. Kamperdijk
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  • Paul Nieuwenhuis
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  • Elisabeth C. M. Hoefsmit
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  2. 2.University of GroningenGroningenThe Netherlands

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