Global Atmospheric-Biospheric Chemistry

  • Ronald G. Prinn

Part of the Environmental Science Research book series (ESRH, volume 48)

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Ronald G. Prinn
    Pages 1-18
  3. Stuart A. Penkett, Frederick C. Fehsenfeld, Joseph M. Prospero
    Pages 19-38
  4. Barry J. Huebert, Timothy S. Bates, Neil W. Tindale
    Pages 39-55
  5. Robert J. Charlson, Jos Lelieveld
    Pages 57-69
  6. Hajime Akimoto, Douglas D. Davis, Shaw C. Liu, PEM-West (A) Science Team
    Pages 71-82
  7. M. O. Andreae, J. Fishman, M. Garstang, J. G. Goldammer, C. O. Justice, J. S. Levine et al.
    Pages 83-101
  8. Heinz-Ulrich Neue, Ronald L. Sass
    Pages 119-147
  9. Leonard A. Barrie, Robert J. Delmas
    Pages 149-164
  10. William S. Reeburgh, Nigel T. Roulet, Bo H. Svensson
    Pages 165-178
  11. Keith A. Smith, G. Philip Robertson, Jerry M. Melillo
    Pages 179-203
  12. Andreas Wahner, Franz Rohrer, Dieter H. Ehhalt, Elliot Atlas, Brian Ridley
    Pages 205-222
  13. Joyce E. Penner, Cynthia S. Atherton, Thomas E. Graedel
    Pages 223-247
  14. Back Matter
    Pages 259-261

About this book


This volume contains the invited papers and a transcript of the final panel discussion in the First Scientific Conference of the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (lGAC) Project, held in Eilat, Israel from April 18-22, 1993. The conference was hosted by the Israeli Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) and was the 37th in the prestigious OHOLO Conference series in Israel. The conference was devoted to the subject of "Global Atmospheric-Biospheric Chemistry" and was a landmark event in this area. It provided the first comprehensive report of progress under IGAC toward improving our understanding of the chemical and biological processes that determine the changing composition of the earth's atmosphere. This work is an essential component of the comprehensive International Geosphere­ Biosphere Program (lGBP) devoted to measuring and understanding global changes in the past and present, and predicting the future evolution of our planet. I want to devote this brief foreword to thanking several people who worked especially hard to make the conference a success and who helped to produce this volume as a record of the event. Paul Crutzen, Amram Golombek, Pamela Matson and Henning Rodhe did sterling service on the conference organizing committee. Special thanks go to Amram Golombek and Dr. Cohen, the Director of IIBR, who hosted the event in Israel. Anne Slinn did an excellent job in producing the Abstract book and helping with administrative matters. Alex Pszenny helped capably to critically review the Abstracts.


Aerosol Atmospheric chemistry Snow biosphere environment

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