Die Kunst of Phonons

Lectures from the Winter School of Theoretical Physics

  • Tadeusz Paszkiewicz
  • Krzysztof Rapcewicz

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Phonons: General

  3. Phonon Focusing

    1. A. G. Every
      Pages 55-71
    2. W M. Gańcza, T. Paszkiewicz
      Pages 87-97
    3. Al. A. Kolomenskii, A. A. Maznev
      Pages 99-104
    4. A. V. Akimov, A. A. Kaplyanskii, E. S. Moskalenko
      Pages 113-128
    5. D. V. Kazakovtsev, B. A. Danilchenko, I. A. Obukhov
      Pages 129-134
    6. B. Sujak-Cyrul, J. Szczepański, T. Tyc
      Pages 139-142
    7. J. Czerwonko, M. L. Kaganov
      Pages 153-158
  4. Interaction of Bulk Phonons With Low Dimensional Gases of Carriers

    1. Lawrence J. Challis, Anthony J. Kent
      Pages 159-187
    2. F. Dietzel, U. Klass, W. Dietsche, K. Ploog
      Pages 189-200
    3. R. H. Eyles, C. J. Mellor, A. J. Kent, L. J. Challis, S. Kravchenko, N. Zinov’ev et al.
      Pages 201-203
    4. R. N. Gurzhi, A. I. Kopeliovich, T. Paszkiewicz
      Pages 205-210
    5. P. N. Butcher, T. M. Fromhold, R. R. Barraclough, P. R. Rogers, B. L. Gallagher, R. P. Oxley et al.
      Pages 219-232
  5. Phonon Mediated Detectors of Elementary Particles

  6. Molecular Crystals

    1. V. G. Manzhelii, V. A. Konstantinov
      Pages 321-332
    2. Kosmas Prassides
      Pages 333-352
    3. Łukasz A. Turski
      Pages 365-380
  7. Electron Systems

  8. Back Matter
    Pages 426-432

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Elektron Elementarteilchen Potential Streuung theoretische Physik

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  • Krzysztof Rapcewicz
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