A Multidisciplinary Approach to Myelin Diseases II

  • S. Salvati

Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 258)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Myelin Genes and their Regulation

    1. Wendy B. Macklin, Patricia A. Wight, Cynthia S. Duchala, Carol Readhead
      Pages 11-22
    2. C. Goujet-Zalc, C. Lubetzki, Ch. Babinet, M. Monge, S. Timsit, C. Demerens et al.
      Pages 23-28
    3. Georg Zoidl, Corinne Schmalenbach, Hans Werner Müller
      Pages 29-36
  3. Myelin Assembly

    1. Bruce D. Trapp, Grahame Kidd, S. Brian Andrews
      Pages 37-48
    2. Dino De Angelis, Martha Cox, Enoch Gao, Peter E. Braun
      Pages 49-58
    3. Peter J. Brophy, C. Stewart Gillespie, Bernadette M. Kelly, Demetrius A. Vouyiouklis
      Pages 71-82
    4. Serafina Salvati, Lucilla Attorri, Cristina Avellino, Antonella Di Biase, Annamaria Confaloni
      Pages 93-101
  4. Experimental Models to Study Demyelinating Diseases

    1. Brian Popko, Carol Hayes, Yan Li, Donna Kelly, Shigeo Murayama, Kinuko Suzuki
      Pages 103-113
    2. Klaus-Armin Nave, Armin Schneider, Carol Readhead, Ian Griffiths, Anja Pühlhofer, Angelika Bartholomä et al.
      Pages 115-126
    3. Uwe G. Liebert, Volker ter Meulen
      Pages 127-135
    4. Hans Lassmann, Gerda Suchanek, Mascha Schmied
      Pages 137-141
  5. Immunological Aspects of Myelin Diseases

  6. Remyelination and Myelin Repair

    1. Ian D. Duncan, David R. Archer
      Pages 195-206
    2. Marco Cappa, Enrico Bertini, Paola Cambiaso, Patrizia del Balzo, Patrizia Bardelli, Graziella Uziel et al.
      Pages 207-213
  7. Round Table: Clinical Aspects of New Discoveries

  8. Back Matter
    Pages 261-263

About this book


The diseases that fall under the generalized group of demyelinating diseases -Multiple Sclerosis, Leukodystrophyes, Encephalomyelitis-are the focus of worldwide concern. This volume contains papers presented by leading scientists who attended the NATO Advanced Research Workshop held at the Istituto Superiore di SanitA, Rome, March 1-4, 1993. This book is an update of the previous one published in 1987 of the research discussed at a similar meeting held in 1986. It was decided to hold this 2nd meeting since there has been great progress in the advances in understanding the myelinogenesis process in the last five years. The workshop gathered together scientists from many fields such as cellular and molecular biology, immunology, pathology, virology and of course clinical neurology. Stimulating ideas were exchanged in the hope that more knowledge of demyelinating diseases can lead to new theraupetic approaches. Although the workshop was on the whole similar to the previous one, this time there was more emphasis on experimental models and clinical aspects. In the former the use of animal and cellular models as tools for understanding the pathological mechanisms linked to human disease were discussed; in the latter the clinicians described the filtering down of basic research to clinical treatment The publication of this interdisciplinary exchange is to make known the results of the most recent research among the investigators from allover the world involved in these studies.


Antigen biology brain diseases genetics migration molecular biology neurology pathology virology virus

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