Quality Attributes and their Measurement in Meat, Poultry and Fish Products

  • A. M. Pearson
  • T. R. Dutson

Part of the Advances in Meat Research book series (ADMERE, volume 9)

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  2. D. Cornforth
    Pages 34-78
  3. D. B. MacDougall
    Pages 79-93
  4. R. J. Winger, C. J. Hagyard
    Pages 94-124
  5. K. O. Honikel, R. Hamm
    Pages 125-161
  6. G. K. Beauchamp, J. G. Brand
    Pages 162-183
  7. G. Reineccius
    Pages 184-201
  8. K. L. Bett, C. C. Grimm
    Pages 202-221
  9. A. M. Pearson, J. I. Gray, C. P. Brennand
    Pages 222-249
  10. J. I. Gray, A. M. Pearson, F. J. Monahan
    Pages 250-288
  11. E. Dransfield
    Pages 289-315
  12. B. Chrystall
    Pages 316-336
  13. J. Love
    Pages 337-358
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About this book


The theme for this volume was chosen because no previous book has discussed the quality attributes of meat, poultry and fish and the methods that can be utilized for their measurement. The topics are not only timely but of great importance. Chapter I provides an introduction to the topic and presents a brief overview of the subject to be discussed. The next two chapters review information on the importance of color and some color problems in muscle foods, and explains the basis of color vision and perception of color before describing the methods that may be used for its measure­ ment. The following chapter discusses water binding and juiciness and their importance, while Chapter 5 provides the first intensive modern review on measurement of juiciness that has been published (to the knowledge of the author and editors). Chapter 6 reviews the physiology and psychology of flavor and aroma, which serves as a background for further discussion on the flavor and aroma of foods. The next chapter discusses the chemistry of flavor and aroma in muscle foods, while measurement of flavor and aroma are covered in Chapter 8. Chapter 9 reviews the species-specific meat flavors and aromas. Chapter 10 reviews some flavor and aroma problems in muscle foods and their measurement.


Absorption additives amino acid bacteria chemistry environment enzymes fat food nutrition physiology stability Vitamin

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