Modified Atmosphere Packaging Of Food

  • B. Ooraikul
  • M. E. Stiles

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At the 50th Anniversary Meeting of the Institute of Food Technologists the ten most significant innovations in food science developed during the past 50 years were named (Food Technology, September 1989). Among the "Top 10" innovations, controlled atmosphere packaging (CAP) for fruits and vegetables was listed 5th in order of importance. Of course, CAP is a forerunner of MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) in which a variety of food products are packaged under selective mixtures of atmospheric gases, but without the on-going maintenance (control) of the gas mixture. Development of packaging systems and films that are selectively permeable to specific gases has been the key element in the commercialization of controlled and modified atmosphere packaging of foods. It may not be far from the truth to say that since then there has been an explosion of activities around MAP/CAP, especially in research and development into various aspects of this technology. The application of MAP to some bakery products, fresh fruits and salads and fresh meats and meat products has reached a significant level both in Europe and North America. The increasing consumer demand for fresh or near-fresh products and convenient, microwavable foods has added impetus to the growth of MAP/CAP technology. It is, therefore, timely that a comprehensive book that provides scientific background and practical applications of the technology should be written.


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