Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation

Volume 14

  • Donald O. Thompson
  • Dale E. Chimenti

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxix
  2. Minisymposium

  3. Standard Techniques

    1. Elastic Wave Scattering

      1. Mark K. Hinders, Jerome L. Williams, Patrick H. Jonston
        Pages 83-90
      2. Sohichi Hirose, Michihiro Kitahara
        Pages 99-106
      3. O. I. Lobkis, K. I. Maslov, T. Kundu, P. V. Zinin
        Pages 123-130
      4. Todd Cloutier, Ali Safaeinili, D. E. Chimenti, Smaine Zeroug, L. B. Felsen
        Pages 131-138
      5. M. Kitahara, J.-H. Yin
        Pages 155-162
    2. Guided Wave Propagation

      1. John J. Ditri, Krishna M. Rajana
        Pages 163-170
      2. Krishna M. Rajana, Derrick Hongerholt, Joseph L. Rose, John J. Ditri
        Pages 171-178
      3. Dianne M. Benson, Prasanna Karpur, Theodore E. Matikas, Tribikram Kundu
        Pages 187-194
      4. Ikuya Fujii, Koichiro Kawashima
        Pages 203-209
      5. S. Klaholz, K. J. Langenberg, P. Baum, F. Walte
        Pages 219-226
      6. Krishnan Balasubramaniam, Yuyin Ji
        Pages 227-234
      7. Margaret G. Wismer, Reinhold Ludwig
        Pages 259-266
    3. Eddy Currents

      1. Kim Murphy, Harold A. Sabbagh
        Pages 267-274
      2. Harold A. Sabbagh, R. Kim Murphy, Jeff C. Treece, Lai Wan Woo
        Pages 283-289
      3. Buzz Wincheski, Jim Fulton, Shridhar Nath, Min Namkung
        Pages 291-298
      4. C. N. Hebbalae, R. Atthivarapu, D. Lehther, N. Nakagawa, J. C. Moulder
        Pages 299-306
      5. James H. Rose, Erol Uzal, John C. Moulder
        Pages 315-322
      6. Brian J. Mergelas, David L. Atherton
        Pages 331-338
    4. Radiographic and Optical Techniques

      1. David M. Stupin, Karl H. Mueller, Dale Alicia Viskoe, Boyd Howard, R. W. Poland, Daniel Schneberk et al.
        Pages 347-351
      2. T. Jensen, J. N. Gray
        Pages 353-359
      3. Ph. Rizo, M. Antonakios, P. Lamarque
        Pages 361-368
      4. Joseph Gray, Taher Aljundi, Aaron Turnbull
        Pages 369-376
      5. R. A. Morris, T. Chancellor
        Pages 377-384
      6. Michael Valley, Gary Carhart, Joseph Genin, Wei Xu, Xiang Wu
        Pages 385-392
      7. Thomas C. Chatters, Bruno F. Pouet, Sridhar Krishnaswamy
        Pages 393-400
      8. J. L. Champion, J. B. Spicer, R. Osiander, J. W. M. Spicer
        Pages 401-408
      9. Bruce Hansche, George James, Dennis Roach, Nathan Pride, Tim Schmidt, John Webster
        Pages 417-424

About this book


These Proceedings, consisting of Parts A and B, contain the edited versions of most of the papers presented at the annual Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation held at Snowmass Village, Colorado, on July 31 to August 4, 1994. The Review was organized by the Center for NDE at Iowa State University, in cooperation with the Ames Laboratory of the US DOE, the Materials Directorate of the Wright Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the American Society of Nondestructive Testing, the Department of Energy, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers, and the Working Group in Quantitative NDE. This year's Review of Progress in QNDE was attended by approximately 450 participants from the U.S. and many foreign countries who presented over 360 papers. The meeting was divided into 36 sessions, with as many as four sessions running concurrently. The Review covered all phases of NDE research and development from fundamental investigations to engineering applications or inspection systems, and it included many important methods of inspection science from acoustics to x-rays. In the last eight to ten years, the Review has stabilized at about its current size, which most participants seem to agree is large enough to permit a full-scale overview of the latest developments, but still small enough to retain the collegial atmosphere which has marked the Review since its inception.


Laser SSI Sensor Standard computed tomography (CT) fatigue integrated circuit thin film ultrasound

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  • Donald O. Thompson
    • 1
  • Dale E. Chimenti
    • 2
  1. 1.Center for NDE, Ames Laboratory (USDOE) and Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering MechanicsIowa State UniversityAmesUSA
  2. 2.Center for NDE and Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering MechanicsIowa State UniversityAmesUSA

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