Intercellular Signalling in the Mammary Gland

  • Colin J. Wilde
  • Malcolm Peaker
  • Christopher H. Knight

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Mammary Development: Growth and Growth Factors

    1. Christopher H. Knight
      Pages 1-11
    2. Robert J. Collier, John C. Byatt, Michael F. McGrath, Philip J. Eppard
      Pages 13-24
    3. Yael Friedmann, Charles W. Daniel
      Pages 25-33
    4. Wolfgang Bielke, Guo Ke, Robert Strange, Robert Friis
      Pages 45-55
    5. Paul A. W. Edwards, Clare Abram, Susan E. Hiby, Christina Niemeyer, Trevor C. Dale, Jane M. Bradbury
      Pages 57-66
    6. Clare L. Abram, Jane M. Bradbury, Martin J. Page, Paul A. W. Edwards
      Pages 67-68
    7. Christine E. Bowden, Karen Plaut, Rhonda L. Maple
      Pages 71-72
    8. Hai-Lan Chen, Philip S. Rudland, John A. Smith, David G. Fernig
      Pages 73-74
    9. Catherine Clarke, Paul Monaghan, Michael J. O’Hare
      Pages 75-76
    10. Robert B. Clarke, Ian J. Laidlaw, Anthony Howell, Elizabeth Anderson
      Pages 77-78
    11. Ursula K. Ehmann, Michael S. C. Chen, Aldrin A. Adamos
      Pages 79-80
    12. David G. Fernig, Roger Barraclough, Youqiang Ke, John A. Smith, Angela Platt-Higgins, Mark C. Wilkinson et al.
      Pages 81-82
    13. Katrina E. Gordon, Bert Binas, A. John Clark, Christine J. Watson
      Pages 85-85
    14. Sylvia Kondo, Colin J. Wilde, Gillian D. Bryant-Greenwood, Eleanor Taylor, Malcolm Peaker, Lynn M. Boddy-Finch
      Pages 87-88
    15. Karen Plaut, Rhonda L. Maple, Anthony V. Capuco, Alan W. Bell
      Pages 91-92
    16. Stig Purup, Yael Sandowski, Kris Sejrsen
      Pages 93-94
    17. Lynda H. Quarrie, Caroline V. P. Addey, Colin J. Wilde
      Pages 95-96
    18. Matthew Smalley, Jenny Titley, Michael J. O’Hare
      Pages 99-100
    19. Valerie Speirs, Andrew R. Green, Victoria L. Todd, Michael C. White
      Pages 101-102
    20. Elizabeth Tonner, James Beattie, David J. Flint
      Pages 103-104
    21. Stephen Weber-Hall, Deborah Phippard, Christina Niemeyer, Trevor Dale
      Pages 105-106
  3. Mammary Development: Differentiation and Gene Expression

    1. Christian Schmidhauser, Connie A. Myers, Romina Mossi, Gerald F. Casperson, Mina J. Bissell
      Pages 107-119
    2. Kevin R. Nicholas, Colin J. Wilde, Peter H. Bird, Kay A. K. Hendry, Karen Tregenza, Beverley Warner
      Pages 153-170
    3. Itamar Barash, Alexander Faerman, Raisa Puzis, Margaret Natan, David R. Hurwitz, Moshe Shani
      Pages 171-172
    4. Michael C. Barber, Amanda J. Vallance, David J. Flint, Richard G. Vernon, Maureen T. Travers
      Pages 173-174
    5. Anthony J. C. Leathem, Susan A. Brooks, Miriam V. Dwek, Udo Schumacher
      Pages 177-178
    6. Deborah Phippard, Paul Sharpe, Trevor Dale
      Pages 185-186
    7. Alexander Stacey, Angelika Schnieke
      Pages 187-188
    8. R. J. Wilkins, H. W. Davey, T. T. Wheeler, C. A. Ford
      Pages 189-190
    9. Lech Zwierzchowski, Wanda Sokól-Misiak, Eve Devinoy, Louis-Marie Houdebine, Wieslaw Niedbalski, Danuta Kleczkowska
      Pages 191-192
  4. Milk Secretion

    1. Peter E. Hartmann, Craig S. Atwood, David B. Cox, Steven E. J. Daly
      Pages 203-225
    2. Colin J. Wilde, Caroline V. P. Addey, Lynn M. Boddy-Finch, Malcolm Peaker
      Pages 227-237
    3. Dermot H. Williamson, Vera Ilic, Patricia Lund
      Pages 239-251
    4. Robert D. Burgoyne, Susan E. Handel, Allan W. Sudlow, Mark D. Turner, Satish Kumar, J. Paul Simons et al.
      Pages 253-263

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All being done, we went to Mrs Shipmans, who is a great butter-woman; and I did see there the most of milke and cream, and the cleanest, that I ever saw in my life (29 May 1661). Among others, Sir Wm. Petty did tell me that in good earnest, he hath in his will left such parts of his estate to him that could invent such and such things -as among others, that could discover truly the way of milk coming into the breasts of a woman ... (22 March 1665). My wife tells me that she hears that my poor aunt James hath had her breast cut off here in tow- her breast having long been out of order (5 May 1665). From the Diary of Samuel Pepys, published as The Shorter Pepys (edited by R. Latham), Penguin Books (1987) The long-standing ultimate importance of research on the mammary gland is illustrated by the importance attached to cows' milk for human consumption, to human lactation and to breast cancer by Samuel Pepys and his contemporaries in the middle of the 17th century. Research has tended to develop in isolation in these three areas of continuing contemporary importance largely because in most countries, the underlying science of agricultural productivity is funded separately from the underlying science of human health and welfare.


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