Basic Mechanisms of Physiologic and Aberrant Lymphoproliferation in the Skin

  • W. Clark Lambert
  • Benvenuto Giannotti
  • Willem A. van Vloten

Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 265)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Cell Biology

    1. Jannie Borst, Lex Bakker, Ferry Ossendorp
      Pages 1-16
    2. Georg Stingl, Elisabeth Payer, Adelheid Elbe
      Pages 17-27
    3. Kevin D. Cooper, May-Sen Lee, Darius Mehregen, Erik Hansen, Ole Baadsgaard, Steen Lisby et al.
      Pages 29-38
    4. Nicola Pimpinelli, Paolo Romagnoli, Marco Santucci, Benvenuto Giannotti
      Pages 57-76
    5. David P. Fivenson, Brian J. Nickoloff
      Pages 77-93
  3. Lymphocyte Homing

    1. T. A. Luger, A. Köck, E. Schauer, A. Schwarz, F. Trautinger, T. Schwarz
      Pages 95-102
    2. Thomas Schwarz, Agatha Urbanski, Franz Trautinger, Peter Neuner, Thomas A. Luger
      Pages 103-112
    3. A. C. H. M. van Dinther-Janssen, G. Kraal, R. J. Scheper, R. Willemze, C. J. L. M. Meijer
      Pages 113-140
    4. Wolfram Sterry, Volker Mielke, Ulrich Konter, Imke Kellner, Wolf-Henning Boehncke
      Pages 141-155
    5. Emilio Berti, Paola Randi, Elena Roscetti, Domenico Delia
      Pages 157-175
  4. Viruses

    1. Vittorio Manzari, Loredana Albonici, Marco Ciotti, Maria Pia Lombardi, Ida Silvestri
      Pages 177-183
    2. Michel D’Incan, Pierre Souteyrand, Yves-Jean Bignon, Claude Desgranges
      Pages 185-193
    3. Peter Kaudewitz, Iannis Anagnostopoulos, Michael Hummel, Harald Stein
      Pages 195-204
  5. Histology

    1. W. Clark Lambert
      Pages 217-230
    2. Helmut Kerl, Lorenzo Cerroni, Stefan Hoedl
      Pages 255-263
    3. Rein Willemze, Peter Kaudewitz, Emilio Berti, Raffaele Gianotti, Rob C. Beljaards, Chris J. L. M. Meijer
      Pages 265-273
    4. Eric C. Vonderheid, Gary R. Kantor, Edward C. Pequignot, Stuart R. Lessin, Peter C. Nowell, J. Bruce Elfenbein et al.
      Pages 275-290
    5. Marco Santucci, Nicola Pimpinelli
      Pages 301-315
    6. J. Toonstra, A. H. Preesman, S. C. J. van der Putte, W. A. van Vloten
      Pages 325-332
    7. Raffaele Gianotti, Carlo Montaperto
      Pages 333-342
  6. Genotyping

    1. F. Pezzella, M. Santucci, A. Neri, D. Trecca, M. Jones, E. Berti
      Pages 343-353
    2. Udo Rijlaarsdam, Victor Bakels, Johan W. van Oostveen, Marie-Louise Geerts, Chris J. L. M. Meijer, Rein Willemze
      Pages 355-361
    3. Victor Bakels, Johan W. van Oostveen, Roel L. J. Gordijn, Jan M. M. Walboomers, Chris J. L. M. Meijer, Rein Willemze
      Pages 363-368
    4. Lucia Crosti, Vincenzo Rossi, Andrea Biondi, Elena Roscetti, Emilio Berti, Ruggero Caputo
      Pages 369-378
    5. Sean J. Whittaker
      Pages 379-391
    6. Martine Bagot, Janine Wechsler, Marie-Claude Lescs, Jean Revuz, Philippe Gaulard
      Pages 393-399
    7. Keld Kaltoft, Susanne Bisballe, Wolfram Sterry, Helmer Søgaard, Kristian Thestrup-Pedersen
      Pages 401-418
    8. Anne Marie Busschots, Marie-Louise Geerts, Cristina Mecucci, Michel Stul, Jean-Jacques Cassiman, Herman Van den Berghe
      Pages 419-424
  7. Immunomodulation and Tumor Progression

    1. Marshall E. Kadin, Thomas H. Davis, Steven P. Balk, Samuel R. Newcom, Sela Cheifitz, Joan Massague
      Pages 425-433
    2. Reinhard Dummer, Frank Nestle, Gerhard Posseckert, Jurgen C. Becker, Günter Burg
      Pages 435-450
    3. Günter Burg, Reinhard Dummer, Jurgen C. Becker
      Pages 451-458
    4. Jurgen C. Becker, C. Bormann, R. Dummer, A. Schwinn, G. Burg
      Pages 459-467
    5. David L. Ramsay, Karen M. Lish, Cynthia B. Yalowitz, Nicholas A. Soter
      Pages 469-481
    6. Maritza I. Perez, Richard L. Edelson, Yasuhiro Yamane, Francis M. Lobo
      Pages 483-496
    7. Muriel W. Lambert, David D. Parrish, W. Clark Lambert
      Pages 497-533
    8. Kristian Thestrup-Pedersen, Keld Kaltoft
      Pages 535-544
    9. Lorenzo Cerroni, Ketty Peris, Giancarlo Torlone, Sergio Chimenti
      Pages 545-551
    10. Maria Grazia Bernengo, Antonella Appino, Mauro Novelli
      Pages 553-563
    11. W. Clark Lambert
      Pages 565-578
    12. John L. Bednarczyk, Bradley W. McIntyre, Philip J. Cohen, Hon-Reen Kuo, Robert A. Schwartz, Willem A. van Vloten et al.
      Pages 579-583
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 584-651

About this book


This book is based upon a series of papers originally presented at a NATO Advanced Studies Workshop of the same title held at the study Center HI Cappuccini," a converted monastery in San Miniato, a small village located between Pisa and Florence, Italy, in October 1991. Authors were asked to submit their completed chapters by the following February; these were then scanned onto computer disks, edited and returned to the authors for final revision, and updating, with a final deadline of February 1993. The authors were encouraged to make whatever modifications they wanted, especially regarding updating their chapters, with an eye to making the final product both comprehensive and current. In this we succeeded beyond our expectations, with most chapters extensively altered and many completely re-written and significantly expanded. Thus, although the original meeting was held in 1991, the chapters in this volume may be regarded as current from at least February, 1993, with some of the final updated revisions received as late as July, 1993. This book, as agreed in our original contract, has been delivered to the publisher "camera-ready. " This means that all of the scanning, editing, proofing and typesetting were done here, by the office of the Department of Dermatology at the New Jersey Medical School. We essentially produced the book, which the publisher, for the most part, then photocopied. This has been an enormous burden, borne mainly by my colleague in this division, Robert A.


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