Physiology of Development and Germination

  • J. Derek Bewley
  • Michael Black

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    Pages 175-235
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    Pages 237-252
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    Pages 253-303
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    Pages 305-327
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    Pages 329-347
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About this book


Since the publication of our monograph on seed physiology and biochemistry (The Physiology and Biochemistry of Seeds in Relation to Germination, Sprin­ ger-Verlag, 1978, 1982), it has been suggested to us that a text covering the same subject area would be appropriate. This book is our response. Unlike the previous volumes, however, this text is not intended to be either a critical or a comprehensive account. Instead it is a more generalized consideration of the essential aspects of seed physiology and biochemistry as we see them. It also includes a substantial amount of new and different material. In a work of this sort it is inevitable that some simplifications must be made, but we hope, never­ theless, that we have presented the most reasonable conspectus of areas of con­ troversy and uncertainty. In this respect, literature citations have been kept to a minimum and do not interrupt the text; they are placed at the end of each chapter and are intended to be used as a source for further references. We hope that this book will be of value to students and teachers in uni­ versities, colleges, and other institutes of higher learning whose courses include plant biology. Although it is particularly appropriate for studies of seed biol­ ogy, it should also find broader applications in general plant physiology, agri­ culture, and horticulture.


agriculture biology development growth physiology plant plant physiology

Authors and affiliations

  • J. Derek Bewley
    • 1
  • Michael Black
    • 2
  1. 1.Plant Physiology Research Group, Department of BiologyUniversity of CalgaryCalgaryCanada
  2. 2.Department of Biology, Queen Elizabeth CollegeUniversity of LondonCampden Hill, LondonEngland

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