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Molecular Biology of Acute Lung Injury

  • Hector R. Wong
  • Thomas P. Shanley

Part of the Molecular and Cellular Biology of Critical Care Medicine book series (MCCM, volume 1)

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    Pages i-xiii
  2. Thomas P. Shanley, Hector R. Wong
    Pages 1-16
  3. Robert M. Strieter, John A. Belperio, David Kelley, Ammar Sakkour, Michael P. Keane
    Pages 17-33
  4. Robert M. Strieter, John A. Belperio, David Kelley, Ammar Sakkour, Michael P. Keane
    Pages 35-51
  5. Nicholas W. Lukacs, Theodore Standiford, Cory Hogaboam, Steven L. Kunkel
    Pages 53-69
  6. Markus S. Huber-Lang, Peter A. Ward
    Pages 71-81
  7. Jerry J. Zimmerman
    Pages 83-99
  8. Jigme M. Sethi, Augustine M. K. Choi
    Pages 119-132
  9. Marilyn P. Merker, Robert D. Bongard, Christopher A. Dawson
    Pages 133-148
  10. Jeanine P. Wiener-Kronish, Dara Frank, Teiji Sawa
    Pages 149-161
  11. Thomas K. Geiser, Michael A. Matthay
    Pages 163-176
  12. Liqian Zhang, Jeffrey A. Whitsett
    Pages 177-191
  13. Ann Marie LeVine
    Pages 193-211
  14. Sujata Guharoy, Sem H. Phan
    Pages 213-227
  15. Karine Faure, Benoit Guery, Jean Francois Pittet
    Pages 229-244
  16. G. Umberto Meduri
    Pages 245-256
  17. Claudia C. dos Santos, Mingyao Liu, Arthur S. Slutsky
    Pages 289-325

About this book


Acute lung injury (ALI) impacts patient care in every ICU in the world. Our collective understanding of this condition has grown immensely over the past decade but morbidity and mortality remain unacceptably high. To enhance the understanding of clinicians and researchers, this book addresses the pathophysiology of acute lung injury from a molecular and cellular standpoint; includes animal models of acute lung injury and points to potential therapeutic advances based on scientific findings. It is a concise compendium of the multiple pathways, mechanisms and molecules involved in the pathophysiology of acute lung injury and is intended to help caregivers understand the process and thus care for patients more effectively.


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