Androgens and Androgen Receptor

Mechanisms, Functions, and Clinical Applications

  • Chang Chawnshang 

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Bon-chu Chung, Meng-Chun Hu
    Pages 1-15
  3. Cynthia A. Heinlein, Chawnshang Chang
    Pages 17-55
  4. Cynthia A. Heinlein, Erik R. Sampson, Chang Chawnshang
    Pages 91-138
  5. Cynthia A. Heinlein, Chang Chawnshang
    Pages 139-154
  6. Wang Ming-Hsien, Yeh Shuyuan, Su Ching-Yuan, Young Charles Y. F.
    Pages 197-211
  7. Hajime Nawata, Goto Kiminobu, Okabe Taijiro, Nomura Masatoshi, Yanase Toshihiko
    Pages 271-277
  8. Nancy J. Olsen, William J. Kovacs
    Pages 279-288
  9. Johnny A. Chang, Nguyen Hiep T., Tom F. Lue
    Pages 289-298
  10. Loretta L. Collins, Chang Chawnshang
    Pages 299-323
  11. Robert J. Handa, Robert F. McGivern
    Pages 325-344
  12. D. Vanderschueren, L. Vandenput, A. Verstuyf, JV. Swinnen, R. Bouillon, S. Boonen
    Pages 345-359
  13. Arnold von Eckardstein, Fredrick C. W. Wu
    Pages 361-386
  14. Daniel Spratt
    Pages 387-409
  15. Hideo Uno, Satoshi Itami, Shigeki Inui, Huei-Ju Pan, Eugene Chang, Susumu Takayasu et al.
    Pages 411-476
  16. Christina Jang, Susan R. Davis
    Pages 477-488
  17. Back Matter
    Pages 489-503

About this book


Androgen Receptors is the most comprehensive and up to date volume on the topic, including discussions of the basic mechanisms of androgen-androgen receptor actions, their roles in the androgen-related diseases, and their potential clinical applications.
Key topics covered include:

-The discovery and cloning of the androgen receptor;
-Androgen receptor coregulators;
-Androgen related genes and their consensus DNA response elements;
-Basic mechanism of action including functional analyses, cellular localization and phosphorylation studies;
-Cross-talk to other signal transduction systems;
-The recent connections of androgens to women's diseases, such as osteoporosis and ovarian cancer.

This book is of interest to students, basic scientists, and clinicians as both a study guide and reference of research in the androgen field. It could also be used as an advanced level text in endocrinology, urology, OBGYN, or oncology.


DNA autoimmune disease cancer dermatology endocrinology erectile dysfunction fertility oncology ovarian cancer prostate cancer sex therapy urology

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