Guanidino Compounds in Biology and Medicine

  • Joseph F. Clark

Part of the Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry book series (DMCB, volume 40)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-1
  2. Kazumasa Aoyagi, Yutaka Kuzure, Siranoush Shahrzad, Aki Hirayama, Sohji Nagase, Atsushi Ueda
    Pages 3-9
  3. Shinsuke Nakayama, Joseph F. Clark
    Pages 17-30
  4. Aimee K. Bence, Val R. Adams, Peter A. Crooks
    Pages 37-43
  5. Ton J. deGrauw, Kim M. Cecil, Anna W. Byars, Gajja S. Salomons, William S. Ball, Cornelis Jakobs
    Pages 45-48
  6. Midori Hiramatsu
    Pages 57-62
  7. Aki Hirayama, Sohji Nagase, Atsushi Ueda, Keigyou Yoh, Takaaki Oteki, Mami Obara et al.
    Pages 63-67
  8. Takaaki Kitano, Naoko Nisimaru, Eriko Shibata, Hideo Iwasaka, Takayuki Noguchi, Isao Yokoi
    Pages 77-81
  9. Michael Greenwood, Richard B. Kreider, Charlie Melton, Christopher Rasmussen, Stacy Lancaster, Edward Cantler et al.
    Pages 83-88
  10. Richard B. Kreider, Charles Melton, Christopher J. Rasmussen, Michael Greenwood, Stacy Lancaster, Edward C. Cantler et al.
    Pages 95-104
  11. Yuko Kurosawa, Takafumi Hamaoka, Toshihito Katsumura, Masasuke Kuwamori, Naoto Kimura, Takayuki Sako et al.
    Pages 105-112
  12. Sohji Nagase, Hiromichi Suzuki, Ying Wang, Shuichi Kikuchi, Aki Hirayama, Atsushi Ueda et al.
    Pages 113-118
  13. Atsushi Ueda, Sohji Nagase, Hidekatsu Yokoyama, Mika Tada, Hiroyuki Noda, Hiroaki Ohya et al.
    Pages 119-124
  14. Jelenka Nikolic, Gordana Bjelakovic, Ivana Stojanovic
    Pages 125-128
  15. Miki Komurai, Yasuko Ishii, Fumiaki Matsuoka, Katsuhide Toyama, Masayuki Ominato, Takeo Sato et al.
    Pages 129-133
  16. Goichi Ogimoto, Tsutomu Sakurada, Keiko Imamura, Shingo Kuboshima, Teruhiko Maeba, Kenjiro Kimura et al.
    Pages 135-138
  17. Christopher M. Rembold, Carlos R. Ayers
    Pages 139-141
  18. Andreas Schulze
    Pages 143-150
  19. Robyn M. Murphy, Rebecca J. Tunstall, Kate A. Mehan, David Cameron-Smith, Michael J. McKenna, Lawrence L. Spriet et al.
    Pages 151-157
  20. Mark Tarnopolsky, Gianni Parise, Min-Hua Fu, Andrea Brose, Andrew Parshad, Oliver Speer et al.
    Pages 159-166
  21. Lajos Trézl, Lehel Hullán, Zsuzsa M. Jászay, Tibor Szarvas, Imre Petneházy, Béla Szende et al.
    Pages 167-176
  22. Denys N. Wheatley, Ruth Philip, Elaine Campbell
    Pages 177-185
  23. Back Matter
    Pages 187-192

About this book


Guanidino compounds comprise Creatine, Arginine, and the Guanidines. In the past two years there have been over 2000 published articles with the names of these compounds in the title. One can go to any nutrition or health food store and buy these as supplements because it is believed they improve health and athletic performance.

This volume includes an up to date summary of the scientific and clinical aspects of essentially all the biologically active Guanidino Compounds. The articles summarize the current scientific knowledge of these compounds with reference to relevant clinical conditions, and discuss the chemical, biological, and clinical functions of these compounds.


ATP biology cancer metabolism mitochondria protein synthesis

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