Ethnobotany of Mexico

Interactions of People and Plants in Mesoamerica

  • Rafael Lira
  • Alejandro Casas
  • José Blancas

Part of the Ethnobiology book series (EBL)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Alejandro Casas, José Blancas, Rafael Lira
    Pages 1-19
  3. Andrés Camou-Guerrero, Alejandro Casas, Ana Isabel Moreno-Calles, Jahzeel Aguilera-Lara, David Garrido-Rojas, Selene Rangel-Landa et al.
    Pages 21-39
  4. Robert Bye, Edelmira Linares
    Pages 41-65
  5. Daniel Zizumbo-Villarreal, Patricia Colunga-GarcíaMarín, Alondra Flores-Silva
    Pages 67-82
  6. Cristina Mapes, Francisco Basurto
    Pages 83-131
  7. Carmen Salazar, Daniel Zizumbo-Villarreal, Patricia Colunga-GarcíaMarín, Stephen Brush
    Pages 133-150
  8. Alejandro Casas, Rafael Lira, Ignacio Torres, América Delgado, Ana Isabel Moreno-Calles, Selene Rangel-Landa et al.
    Pages 179-206
  9. José Blancas, Alejandro Casas, Ana Isabel Moreno-Calles, Javier Caballero
    Pages 233-255
  10. Alejandro Casas, José Blancas, Adriana Otero-Arnaiz, Jeniffer Cruse-Sanders, Rafael Lira, Aidé Avendaño et al.
    Pages 257-285
  11. Heike Vibrans
    Pages 287-317
  12. Rafael Lira, Luis Eguiarte, Salvador Montes, Daniel Zizumbo-Villarreal, Patricia Colunga-García Marín, Mauricio Quesada
    Pages 389-401
  13. Jonás Andrés Aguirre-Liguori, Erika Aguirre-Planter, Luis E. Eguiarte
    Pages 403-416
  14. Barbara Pickersgill
    Pages 417-437
  15. Ana Wegier, Valeria Alavez, Daniel Piñero
    Pages 439-456
  16. Alfredo Saynes-Vásquez, Francisco Vergara-Silva, Javier Caballero
    Pages 457-473
  17. Patricia Dávila-Aranda, Isela Rodríguez-Arévalo, Lilia García-Rojas, Andrei Lecona-Rodríguez
    Pages 475-489
  18. Francisca Acevedo, Elleli Huerta, Caroline Burgeff
    Pages 491-505
  19. Back Matter
    Pages 553-560

About this book


This book reviews the history, current state of knowledge, and different research approaches and techniques of studies on the interactions between humans and plants in an important area of agriculture and ongoing plant domestication: Mesoamerica.  Leading scholars and key research groups in Mexico discuss essential topics as well as contributions from international research groups that have conducted studies on ethnobotany and domestication of plants in the region. Such a convocation will produce an interesting discussion about future investigation and conservation of regional human cultures, genetic resources, and cultural and ecological processes that are critical for global sustainability.


Domestication ethnobotany ethnoecology genetic resources sustainability

Editors and affiliations

  • Rafael Lira
    • 1
  • Alejandro Casas
    • 2
  • José Blancas
    • 3
  1. 1.Unidad de Biotecnología y Prototipos(UBIUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de MéxicoEstado de MexicoMexico
  2. 2.Instituto de Ivestigaciones en EcosistemUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de MéxicoMoreliaMexico
  3. 3.Centro de Investigación en BiodiversidadUniversidad Autónoma del Estado de MorelColonia Chamilpa, Cuernavaca,Mexico

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