Cross-Calibration of Far UV Spectra of Solar System Objects and the Heliosphere

  • Eric Quémerais
  • Martin Snow
  • Roger-Maurice Bonnet

Part of the ISSI Scientific Report Series book series (ISSI, volume 13)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vii
  2. Eric Quémerais, Martin Snow, Roger-Maurice Bonnet
    Pages 1-3
  3. Interstellar Hydrogen and the Sun

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 5-5
    2. Vladislav V. Izmodenov, Olga A. Katushkina, Eric Quémerais, Maciej Bzowski
      Pages 7-65
    3. Maciej Bzowski, Justyna M. Sokół, Munetoshi Tokumaru, Kenichi Fujiki, Eric Quémerais, Rosine Lallement et al.
      Pages 67-138
  4. Interplanetary Hydrogen

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 139-139
    2. Eric Quémerais, Bill R. Sandel, Vladislav V. Izmodenov, G. Randall Gladstone
      Pages 141-162
    3. Wayne R. Pryor, Gregory M. Holsclaw, William E. McClintock, Martin Snow, Ronald J. Vervack Jr., G. Randall Gladstone et al.
      Pages 163-175
    4. G. Randall Gladstone, S. Alan Stern, Wayne R. Pryor
      Pages 177-188
  5. Instrument Cross-Calibration

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 189-189
    2. Martin Snow, Aurélie Reberac, Eric Quémerais, John Clarke, W. E. McClintock, T. N. Woods
      Pages 191-226
    3. Wayne R. Pryor, Martin Snow, Eric Quémerais, Stéphane Ferron
      Pages 255-267
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 269-275

About this book


This book is the result of a working group sponsored by ISSI in Bern, which was initially created to study possible ways to calibrate a Far Ultraviolet (FUV) instrument after launch. In most cases, ultraviolet instruments are well calibrated on the ground, but unfortunately, optics and detectors in the FUV are very sensitive to contaminants and it is very challenging to prevent contamination before and during the test and launch sequences of a space mission. Therefore, ground calibrations need to be confirmed after launch and it is necessary to keep track of the temporal evolution of the sensitivity of the instrument during the mission.

The studies presented here cover various fields of FUV spectroscopy with the exclusion of direct solar UV spectroscopy, including a catalog of stellar spectra, data-sets of lunar Irradiance, observations of comets and measurements of the interplanetary background. Detailed modeling of the interplanetary background is presented as well. This work also includes comparisons of older data-sets with current ones. This raises the question of the consistency of the existing data-sets. Previous experiments have been calibrated independently and comparison of the data-sets may lead to inconsistencies. The authors have tried to check that possibility in the data-sets and when relevant, suggest a correction factor for the corresponding data.


Lyman-alpha Comet Holmes Lyman-alpha Models Modeling Interplanetary Background Moon Irradiance UV Space Instrumentation UV Spectroscopy UV Stellar Spectra Ultraviolet Stellar Spectra

Editors and affiliations

  • Eric Quémerais
    • 1
  • Martin Snow
    • 2
  • Roger-Maurice Bonnet
    • 3
  1. 1.LATMOS-IPSLUniversité Versailles-Saint-QuentinGuyancourtFrance
  2. 2., Laboratory Atmospheric & Space PhysicsUniversity of ColoradoBoulderUSA
  3. 3.International Space Science InstituteBernSwitzerland

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