Transport and Fate of Chemicals in the Environment

Selected Entries from the Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology

  • John S. Gulliver

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  6. Louis J. Thibodeaux, Joseph Germano
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  7. Zhen-Gang Ji
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  8. Heinz G. Stefan, Xing Fang, John S. Gulliver
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  9. Robert P. Mason
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  10. Frank T. Barranco Jr., Samantha L. Saalfield, Frederick J. Tenbus, Brian P. Shedd
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About this book


What happens when a chemical is released into the environment? It diffuses, disperses, adsorbs, reacts, and/or changes state.  To predict and analyze this process, the mathematics of diffusion is applied to lakes, rivers, groundwater, the atmosphere, the oceans, and transport between these media.  A sustainable world requires a deep understanding of the transport of chemicals through the environment and how to address and harness this process.  This volume presents a succinct and in-depth introduction to this critical topic.  Featuring authoritative, peer-reviewed articles from the Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology, Transport and Fate of Chemicals in the Environment represents an essential one-stop reference for an audience of researchers, undergraduate and graduate students, and industry professionals.

Provides detailed background on environmental chemistry, diffusion and transport

Examines transport and fate in single media as well as inter-media transfer of chemicals

Covers transport and fate in rivers, lakes, the oceans, and groundwater

Demonstrates key applications of  transport and fate analyses within the ecosphere


Atmosphere-water Exchange Chemicals in the Ocean Diffusive Transport Dispersive Transport Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology Jets of Chemicals Lake and Resevoir Transport and Fate of Chemicals Plumes of Chemicals River Fate and Transport Sediment-water Interfaces Subsurface Chemicals Fate and Transport Toxic Organic Chemicals Transport and Fate Chemicals in the Environment Turbulent Transport

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