State Space Grids

Depicting Dynamics Across Development

  • Tom Hollenstein

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About this book


Human development from birth through adulthood is a complex interplay of many interacting forces. Children’s internal processes are manifest in behaviors that are sculpted by their experiences, most notably with primary caregivers. Because the discipline of psychology explores human behavior and cognition, the techniques employed for developmental analysis must be able to describe, depict, and quantify these complex processes.

State Space Grids provides the framework, basic method, rationale, and advanced techniques for translating the behavior of children, adolescents, and parents into visible, traceable data. This seminar-between-covers takes readers step by step from conceptualization through implementation of projects, with examples from a range of current research within and outside child development. Links are included for the GridWare software program and related user resources. And although state space grids need not be used only to analyze dynamic systems, they serve as an excellent tool for honing systemic thinking.

Key coverage in this volume includes:

  • Dynamic systems and the origins of state space grids.
  • The state of research using state space grids.
  • Introducing GridWare and how it works.
  • How to use state space grids, from idea through finished project.
  • Within-grid and between-grid analysis.
  • Conducting advanced analysis.

State Space Grids is an essential reference for researchers across such disciplines as psychology, neuroscience, economics, computer science, and agricultural science.


Adolescent Development Developmental Psychology Dynamic Systems Research on Adolescence State Space Grids

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