The Next Economics

Global Cases in Energy, Environment, and Climate Change

  • Woodrow W. Clark II

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    Pages i-xvi
  2. Woodrow W. Clark II, Woodrow W. Clark II
    Pages 1-19
  3. Woodrow W. Clark II, Woodrow W. Clark II
    Pages 21-41
  4. Malcolm Dole Jr.
    Pages 43-70
  5. Michael Fast, Woodrow W. Clark II
    Pages 71-91
  6. Woodrow W. Clark II, Woodrow W. Clark II, Li Xing
    Pages 143-164
  7. Nicola Cardinale, Gianluca Rospi, Giuliano Cotrufo, Tiziana Cardinale
    Pages 185-206
  8. Daniel Nuckols
    Pages 237-249
  9. Woodrow W. Clark II, Woodrow W. Clark II
    Pages 275-285
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 287-292

About this book


The Next Economics focuses on how the field of economics must change and incorporate environment, energy, health and new technologies that are called externalities for stopping and reversing climate change. The field of economics needs to become a science. Economics in this book for the Green Industrial Revolution which goes beyond the third industrial revolution since it covers cases, examples and specific economic analyses that both scientific and global. The book concerns climate change and how the Economics for Externalities, needs to range from energy and national security to infrastructure and communities. Solutions and cases of the “Next Economics” are based in western philosophical economic paradigms and how that is changing due to the significance of current global economic and societal concerns. Finally practical applications for economics are explored using global environmental and energy issues. Areas that need a fresh look at and be integrated with economics, include the environment, social and political issues, energy, health climate change and their infrastructures, as they are major components of the macroeconomics for the future. Based on past economic models, these subjects have been lost or ill fitted into modern economic theory. The challenge is to explore and to look deeply into economics in order to provide it a new direction with the possibility for understanding, changing and saving the planet from climate change. This book presents to economists and policy-makers alike areas of environmental economics, energy policy, health and social issues which are needed to stop and reverse climate change.


Climate change Economic policy Energy Energy market Environment Macroeconomics

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