Advanced Dairy Chemistry

Volume 1A: Proteins: Basic Aspects, 4th Edition

  • Paul L. H. McSweeney
  • Patrick F. Fox

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. J. A. O’Mahony, P. F. Fox
    Pages 43-85
  3. D. Dupont, T. Croguennec, A. Brodkorb, R. Kouaouci
    Pages 87-134
  4. T. Huppertz
    Pages 135-160
  5. H. M. Farrell Jr, E. M. Brown, E. L. Malin
    Pages 161-184
  6. D. J. McMahon, B. S. Oommen
    Pages 185-209
  7. L. Sawyer
    Pages 211-259
  8. K. Brew
    Pages 261-273
  9. W. L. Hurley, P. K. Theil
    Pages 275-294
  10. B. Lönnerdal, Y. A. Suzuki
    Pages 295-315
  11. P. C. Wynn, P. A. Sheehy
    Pages 317-335
  12. J. A. O’Mahony, P. F. Fox, A. L. Kelly
    Pages 337-385
  13. J.-L. Vilotte, E. Chanat, F. Le Provost, C. B. A. Whitelaw, A. Kolb, D. B. Shennan
    Pages 431-461
  14. P. Martin, L. Bianchi, C. Cebo, G. Miranda
    Pages 463-514
  15. L. Pellegrino, F. Masotti, S. Cattaneo, J. A. Hogenboom, I. de Noni
    Pages 515-538
  16. Back Matter
    Pages 539-548

About this book


The chemistry and physico-chemical properties of milk proteins is perhaps the largest and most rapidly evolving major area in dairy chemistry.  Advanced Dairy Chemistry-1A; Proteins: Basic Aspects covers the fundamental chemistry of dairy proteins, the most commercially valuable constituents of milk.  This fourth edition includes all chapters in the third edition on basic aspects of dairy proteins which have been revised and expanded.  The chapters on the chemistry of the caseins (Chapter 4), genetic polymorphism (Chapter 15) and nutritional aspects of milk proteins (Chapter 16) have been revised by new authors and new chapters have been included on the evolution of the mammary gland (Chapter 1) and on minor proteins and growth factors in milk (Chapter 11).

This authoritative work describes current knowledge on the basic chemistry and physico-chemical aspects of milk proteins and will be very valuable to dairy scientists, chemists, and others working in dairy research or in the dairy industry.


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  • Paul L. H. McSweeney
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  • Patrick F. Fox
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  2. 2.Fac. Food Technology & Nutrition, Dept. Food ScienceUniversity College CorkCorkIreland

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