The Solar Dynamics Observatory

  • Phillip Chamberlin
  • William Dean Pesnell
  • Barbara Thompson

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vii
  2. R. R. Fisher
    Pages 1-2
  3. W. Dean Pesnell, B. J. Thompson, P. C. Chamberlin
    Pages 3-15 Open Access
  4. James R. Lemen, Alan M. Title, David J. Akin, Paul F. Boerner, Catherine Chou, Jerry F. Drake et al.
    Pages 17-40
  5. Paul Boerner, Christopher Edwards, James Lemen, Adam Rausch, Carolus Schrijver, Richard Shine et al.
    Pages 41-66 Open Access
  6. N. Hurlburt, M. Cheung, C. Schrijver, L. Chang, S. Freeland, S. Green et al.
    Pages 67-78 Open Access
  7. P. C. H. Martens, G. D. R. Attrill, A. R. Davey, A. Engell, S. Farid, P. C. Grigis et al.
    Pages 79-113 Open Access
  8. R. A. Hock, P. C. Chamberlin, T. N. Woods, D. Crotser, F. G. Eparvier, D. L. Woodraska et al.
    Pages 145-178 Open Access
  9. L. Didkovsky, D. Judge, S. Wieman, T. Woods, A. Jones
    Pages 179-205 Open Access
  10. P. H. Scherrer, J. Schou, R. I. Bush, A. G. Kosovichev, R. S. Bogart, J. T. Hoeksema et al.
    Pages 207-227 Open Access
  11. J. Schou, P. H. Scherrer, R. I. Bush, R. Wachter, S. Couvidat, M. C. Rabello-Soares et al.
    Pages 229-259 Open Access
  12. R. Wachter, J. Schou, M. C. Rabello-Soares, J. W. Miles, T. L. Duvall Jr., R. I. Bush
    Pages 261-284 Open Access
  13. Sébastien Couvidat, Jesper Schou, Richard A. Shine, Rock I. Bush, John W. Miles, Philip H. Scherrer et al.
    Pages 285-325 Open Access
  14. J. Schou, J. M. Borrero, A. A. Norton, S. Tomczyk, D. Elmore, G. L. Card
    Pages 327-355 Open Access
  15. J. Zhao, S. Couvidat, R. S. Bogart, K. V. Parchevsky, A. C. Birch, T. L. Duvall Jr. et al.
    Pages 375-390
  16. E. Drobnes, A. Littleton, W. D. Pesnell, K. Beck, S. Buhr, R. Durscher et al.
    Pages 391-406 Open Access

About this book


This volume is dedicated to the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), which was launched 11 February 2010.  The articles focus on the spacecraft and its instruments: the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA), the Extreme Ultraviolet Variability Experiment (EVE), and the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager (HMI). Articles within also describe calibration results and data processing pipelines that are critical to understanding the data and products, concluding with a description of the successful Education and Public Outreach activities. 

This book is geared towards anyone interested in using the unprecedented data from SDO, whether for fundamental heliophysics research, space weather modeling and forecasting, or educational purposes.

Previously published in Solar Physics journal, Vol. 275/1-2, 2012.


EUV Solar Images Helioseismology Space Observations SDO Atmospheric Imaging Assembly SDO Magnetic Imager SDO Space Weather Solar Dynamics Observatory Solar Extreme Ultraviolet Solar Space Missions Solar Spectral Irradiance

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