Laboratory Protocols in Fungal Biology

Current Methods in Fungal Biology

  • Vijai Kumar Gupta
  • Maria G. Tuohy
  • Manimaran Ayyachamy
  • Kevin M. Turner
  • Anthonia O’Donovan

Part of the Fungal Biology book series (FUNGBIO)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxv
  2. Ladislav Homolka
    Pages 9-16
  3. Svetlana M. Ozerskaya, Natalya E. Ivanushkina, Galina A. Kochkina, Svetlana S. Eremina, Alexander N. Vasilenko, Nadezhda I. Chigineva
    Pages 17-65
  4. Anthonia O’Donovan, Vijai Kumar Gupta, Maria G. Tuohy
    Pages 67-72
  5. S. Chandra Nayaka, M. Venkata Ramana, A. C. Udayashankar, S. R. Niranjana, C. N. Mortensen, H. S. Prakash
    Pages 73-90
  6. Jeyabalan Sangeetha, Devarajan Thangadurai
    Pages 91-112
  7. Eduardo Alves, Gilvaine Ciavareli Lucas, Edson Ampélio Pozza, Marcelo de Carvalho Alves
    Pages 133-150
  8. Biplab C. Paul, Hui Ma, Laelie A. Snook, Tanya E. S. Dahms
    Pages 151-160
  9. Pilar Pérez, Juan C. Ribas
    Pages 175-196
  10. Vijai Kumar Gupta, Brejesh Kumar Pandey
    Pages 197-200
  11. Janelle M. Hare
    Pages 211-216
  12. Jean-Paul Ouedraogo, Ellen L. Lagendijk, Cees A. M. J. J. van den Hondel, Arthur F. J. Ram, Vera Meyer
    Pages 225-230
  13. Télesphore Sime-Ngando, Marlène Jobard, Serena Rasconi
    Pages 231-236
  14. Jeyabalan Sangeetha, Devarajan Thangadurai
    Pages 237-257
  15. Konstantinos Grintzalis, Ioannis Papapostolou, Christos Georgiou
    Pages 259-264
  16. Jeannette Vogt, Frank Stahl, Thomas Scheper, Susann Müller
    Pages 265-277
  17. José J. de Vega-Bartol, Vega Tello, Jonathan Niño, Virginia Casado, José M. Díaz-Mínguez
    Pages 279-287
  18. Raquel González Fernández, Jesús V. Jorrín Novo
    Pages 299-308
  19. Naomichi Yamamoto
    Pages 331-336
  20. Mary C. O’Loughlin, Katherine D. Turner, Kevin M. Turner
    Pages 337-341
  21. Bianca Gielesen, Marco van den Berg
    Pages 343-347
  22. Roberto A. Geremia, Lucie Zinger
    Pages 349-356
  23. María D. García-Pedrajas, Zahi Paz, David L. Andrews, Lourdes Baeza-Montañez, Scott E. Gold
    Pages 375-393
  24. Yangrae Cho, Akhil Srivastava, Christopher Nguyen
    Pages 395-401
  25. Vijai Kumar Gupta, Maria G. Tuohy, Rajeeva Gaur
    Pages 403-406
  26. Jochen Schmid, Dirk Mueller-Hagen, Volker Sieber, Vera Meyer
    Pages 427-434
  27. Dawn Elizabeth Stephens, Suren Singh, Kugen Permaul
    Pages 435-446
  28. Paramjit K. Bajwa, Nicole K. Harner, Terri L. Richardson, Sukhdeep Sidhu, Marc B. Habash, Jack T. Trevors et al.
    Pages 447-454
  29. Bernhard Kluger, Susanne Zeilinger, Gerlinde Wiesenberger, Denise Schöfbeck, Rainer Schuhmacher
    Pages 455-465
  30. Suman Mukherjee, Rebecca Creamer
    Pages 467-473
  31. Manimaran Ayyachamy, Vijai Kumar Gupta, Finola E. Cliffe, Maria G. Tuohy
    Pages 475-481
  32. Annie Juliet Gnanam
    Pages 483-488
  33. Manimaran Ayyachamy, Mary Shier, Maria G. Tuohy
    Pages 489-494
  34. Malik M. Ahmad, Pravej Alam, M. Z. Abdin, Saleem Javed
    Pages 495-499
  35. Ioannis Papapostolou, Konstantinos Grintzalis, Christos Georgiou
    Pages 501-504
  36. Clement K. M. Tsui, Bin Wang, Cor D. Schoen, Richard C. Hamelin
    Pages 505-517

About this book


Laboratory Protocols in Fungal Biology presents the latest techniques in fungal biology. This book analyzes information derived through real experiments, and focuses on cutting edge techniques in the field. The book comprises 57 chapters contributed from internationally recognised scientists and researchers. Experts in the field have provided up-to-date protocols covering a range of frequently used methods in fungal biology. Almost all important methods available in the area of fungal biology viz. taxonomic keys in fungi; histopathological and microscopy techniques; proteomics methods; genomics methods; industrial applications and related techniques; and bioinformatics tools in fungi are covered and complied in one book. Chapters include introductions to their respective topics, list of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and notes on troubleshooting. Each chapter is self-contained and written in a style that enables the reader to progress from elementary concepts to advanced research techniques.  Laboratory Protocols in Fungal Biology is a valuable tool for both beginner research workers and experienced professionals.

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Martín, García-Estrada, Zeilinger / Biosynthesis and Molecular Genetics of Fungal Secondary Metabolites

Zeilinger, Martín, García-Estrada / Biosynthesis and Molecular Genetics of Fungal Secondary Metabolites, Volume 2

van den Berg, Maruthachalam / Genetic Transformation Systems in Fungi

Schmoll, Dattenbock / Gene Expression Systems in Fungi

Dahms / Advanced Microscopy in Mycology


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  • Maria G. Tuohy
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  • Manimaran Ayyachamy
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  • Kevin M. Turner
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  • Anthonia O’Donovan
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