International Trade and Global Macropolicy

  • Farrokh Langdana
  • Peter T. Murphy

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  3. International Trade Theory

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    5. Farrokh Langdana, Peter T. Murphy
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  4. Global Macroeconomics Policy Demystified

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    6. Farrokh Langdana, Peter T. Murphy
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      Pages 343-394
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About this book


In the curricula of highly ranked MBA programs, two areas of discussion are conspicuously absent: International Trade, and Global Macroeconomic Policy.  In this post-financial crisis environment, as the US and other advanced economies continue to experience sluggish growth, persistently high unemployment, and political agitation for increasingly protectionist policies, discussions pertaining to trade, currencies, and international capital flows are often fraught with emotion, tension, and hysteria.  This book cuts through the emotions and superficial “solutions” and provides the reader with a thorough understanding of the hard-hitting theoretical models that drive the global flow of goods, services, and capital in the real world.  A key feature of this volume is the presentation of the theoretical models, and the discussion of their implications in the context of real-world applications.  This text is uniquely designed for current and future business leaders who are, or will be, engaged in the global economy.  Armed with an understanding of the theoretical underpinnings driving goods, capital and ideas across national boundaries, readers will learn to anticipate the effects of trade and macroeconomic policy changes, and will have the tools to make sound, informed decisions for themselves and their global organizations. 


This volume provides a unique synthesis of academic and practical perspectives, thanks to the background of its authors.

Farrokh K. Langdana

Dr. Farrokh Langdana is a professor in the Finance/Economics Department at Rutgers Business School (RBS), New Jersey.  In addition to this volume, he is the author of four other books including the textbook, Macroeconomic Policy: Demystifying Monetary and Fiscal Policy, and numerous research articles.  Dr. Langdana is currently the Director of the globally ranked Executive MBA program at RBS.  He has taught Macroeconomic Policy and International Trade extensively at RBS and around the world.  Dr. Langdana is the recipient of over thirty teaching and research awards including the Warren I. Susman Award for Excellence in Teaching (Rutgers University’s highest teaching award). 

Peter T. Murphy

Peter T. Murphy is an operating partner with Dubilier & Company, and currently serves as President and C.E.O. of DC Safety, a leading supplier to the automotive industry.  Mr. Murphy has been a leader and pioneer in international business for 25 years, operating in dozens of countries across Asia, Europe, and the Americas.  His expertise in strategy and value creation is complemented by hands-on experience across a range of business disciplines.  He is a graduate of Iona College and earned his MBA with a concentration in Finance from Rutgers Business School.

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