Basic Aspects of Hearing

Physiology and Perception

  • Brian C. J. Moore
  • Roy D. Patterson
  • Ian M. Winter
  • Robert P. Carlyon
  • Hedwig E Gockel
Conference proceedings

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (volume 787)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxvii
  2. Peripheral Processing

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Raymond Meddis, Wendy Lecluyse, Nicholas R. Clark, Tim Jürgens, Christine M. Tan, Manasa R. Panda et al.
      Pages 11-20
    3. Peter Heil, Heinrich Neubauer, Manuel Tetschke, Dexter R. F. Irvine
      Pages 21-29
    4. Ifat Yasin, Vit Drga, Christopher J. Plack
      Pages 39-46
    5. Enrique A. Lopez-Poveda, Enzo Aguilar, Peter T. Johannesen, Almudena Eustaquio-Martín
      Pages 47-54
    6. Elin M. Roverud, Elizabeth A. Strickland
      Pages 55-63
    7. Mark Fletcher, Jessica de Boer, Katrin Krumbholz
      Pages 65-72
    8. Toshio Irino, Tomofumi Fukawatase, Makoto Sakaguchi, Ryuichi Nisimura, Hideki Kawahara, Roy D. Patterson
      Pages 73-80
    9. Roy D. Patterson, D. Timothy Ives, Thomas C. Walters, Richard F. Lyon
      Pages 81-88
  3. Temporal Fine Structure and Pitch

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 89-89
    2. Philip X. Joris, Eric Verschooten
      Pages 101-108
    3. Brian C. J. Moore, Olivia Kenyon, Brian R. Glasberg, Laurent Demany
      Pages 127-135
    4. Minoru Tsuzaki, Chihiro Takeshima, Toshie Matsui
      Pages 147-156
    5. Bernhard Englitz, S. Akram, S. V. David, C. Chambers, Daniel Pressnitzer, D. Depireux et al.
      Pages 157-164
  4. Enhancement and Perceptual Compensation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 165-165
    2. Neal F. Viemeister, Andrew J. Byrne, Mark A. Stellmack
      Pages 167-174
    3. Anthony J. Watkins, Andrew P. Raimond
      Pages 193-201
    4. Robert A. Lutfi, Ching-Ju Liu, Christophe N. J. Stoelinga
      Pages 203-211
  5. Binaural Processing

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 213-213
    2. Catherine Carr, Sahil Shah, Go Ashida, Thomas McColgan, Hermann Wagner, Paula T. Kuokkanen et al.
      Pages 215-222
    3. Hedwig E. Gockel, Louwai Muhammed, Redwan Farooq, Christopher J. Plack, Robert P. Carlyon
      Pages 231-238
    4. William M. Hartmann, Larisa Dunai, Tianshu Qu
      Pages 239-246
    5. Christopher A. Brown, William A. Yost
      Pages 247-254
    6. Mitchell L. Day, Bertrand Delgutte
      Pages 255-262
    7. Sarah Verhulst, Federica Bianchi, Torsten Dau
      Pages 283-291
    8. Steven van de Par, Bjoern Luebken, Jesko L. Verhey, Armin Kohlrausch
      Pages 293-301
    9. William M. Whitmer, Bernhard U. Seeber, Michael A. Akeroyd
      Pages 303-310
    10. Sven Schörnich, Ludwig Wallmeier, Nikodemus Gessele, Andreas Nagy, Michael Schranner, Daniel Kish et al.
      Pages 311-319
  6. Speech and Temporal Processing

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 321-321
    2. Brian Roberts, Robert J. Summers, Peter J. Bailey
      Pages 323-331
    3. Søren Jørgensen, Torsten Dau
      Pages 343-351
    4. Yoojin Chung, Kenneth E. Hancock, Sung-Il Nam, Bertrand Delgutte
      Pages 353-361
    5. Nai Ding, Jonathan Z. Simon
      Pages 373-381
    6. Joseph W. Hall III, Emily Buss, John H. Grose
      Pages 383-390
    7. Laurel H. Carney, Angela D. Ketterer, Kristina S. Abrams, Douglas M. Schwarz, Fabio Idrobo
      Pages 391-398
    8. Astrid Klinge-Strahl, Timo Parnitzke, Rainer Beutelmann, Georg M. Klump
      Pages 399-407

About these proceedings


The International Symposium on Hearing is a highly-prestigious, triennial event where world-class scientists present and discuss the most recent advances in the field of hearing research in animals and humans. Presented papers range from basic to applied research, and are of interest neuroscientists, otolaryngologists, psychologists, and artificial intelligence researchers.

Basic Aspects of Hearing: Physiology and Perception includes the best papers from the 2012 International Symposium on Hearing. Over 50 chapters focus on the relationship between auditory physiology, psychoacoustics, and computational modeling.

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  • Ian M. Winter
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  • Robert P. Carlyon
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