Advances in Cryogenic Engineering Materials

Volume 26

  • A. F. Clark
  • R. P. Reed

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. General Reviews

  3. Metals and Alloys

  4. Welding

    1. F. Koshiga, J. Tanaka, I. Watanabe, T. Takamura
      Pages 200-209
    2. K. W. Mahin, J. W. Morris Jr.
      Pages 210-218
    3. A. Ya. Ishchenko, A. D. Vasil’ev, S. Z. Stasyuk
      Pages 219-226
  5. Composites

    1. J. R. Benzinger
      Pages 252-258
    2. Z. G. Khim, M. W. Ng
      Pages 280-285
    3. R. C. Niemann, J. D. Gonczy, J. A. Hoffman, K. F. Mataya, P. Smelser, W. C. Young
      Pages 300-308
    4. D. Evans, J. U. D. Langridge, J. T. Morgan
      Pages 309-314
  6. In Situ Processed Superconductors

    1. D. K. Finnemore, J. D. Verhoeven
      Pages 319-326
    2. M. Hong, D. Dietderich, J. W. Morris Jr.
      Pages 327-333
    3. R. Bormann, H. C. Freyhardt, H. Bergmann
      Pages 334-336
    4. S. Foner, E. J. McNiff Jr., B. B. Schwartz, R. Flükiger, R. Akihama
      Pages 337-342
    5. J.-L. Fihey, M. Neff, R. Roberge, M. C. Flemings, S. Foner, B. B. Schwartz
      Pages 343-349
    6. J.-L. Fihey, R. Roberge, S. Foner, E. J. McNiff Jr., B. B. Schwartz
      Pages 350-357
    7. J. C. Ho, C. E. Oberly, H. J. Garrett, M. S. Walker, B. A. Zeitlin, J. W. Ekin
      Pages 358-366
  7. A15 Superconductors

About this book


The Third International Cryogenic Materials Conference (ICMC) was held in Madison, Wisconsin, in conjunction with the Cryogenic Engineering Conference (CEC) in August 1979. The University of Wisconsin hosted the two conferences in an excellent manner and deserves special recognition and praise. The synergism produced by conducting the two conferences simultaneously continues to be strong. Materials remain a demanding challenge and, in some cases, an obstacle to effective application of cryogenic technology. The association of materials specialists and cryogenic engineers every other year centers their attention on the most needed areas of research. The present ICMC Board met during the conference and elected two new members, E. W. Collings (U. S.) and D. Evans (England). The board voted to conduct two smaller, special-topic conferences in 1980. These are Filamentary A15 Superconductors, which was held at Brookhaven National Laboratories, Upton, New York in May 1980, and Fundamentals of Nonmetallics and Composites at Low Temperatures, held in Geneva, Switzerland in August 1980. The 1981 CEC/ICMC will be held August 10 through 14 in San Diego, California.


cement cognition composite material cryogenics energy engine glass growth material materials mechanical properties radiation superconductivity technology temperature

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