Catalysis Progress in Research

Proceedings of the NATO Science Committee Conference on Catalysis held at Santa Margherita di Pula, December 1972

  • Fred Basolo
  • Robert L. BurwellJr.

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Metalloenzyme Catalysis

    1. C. Veeger
      Pages 1-2
    2. Joseph E. Coleman
      Pages 3-41
    3. S. J. Benkovic
      Pages 43-46
    4. Gordon A. Hamilton
      Pages 47-50
  3. Heterogeneous Catalysis

    1. Robert L. Burwell Jr.
      Pages 51-74
    2. R. J. Kokes
      Pages 75-84
    3. Charles Kemball
      Pages 85-89
    4. S. J. Teichner
      Pages 91-102
    5. W. Keith Hall
      Pages 103-106
  4. Homogeneous Catalysis

    1. Joseph Chatt, Jack Halpern
      Pages 107-129
  5. Working Group Reports

    1. W. K. Hall, P. Henry, S. J. Benkovic, J. Bjerrum, R. C. Bray, G. L. Eichorn et al.
      Pages 131-140
    2. G. C. Bond, B. R. James, R. L. Burwell Jr., J. E. Coleman, P. Cossee, C. Franconi et al.
      Pages 141-148
    3. J. Chatt, M. Boudart, E. Bayer, W. Beck, H. H. Brintzinger, J. A. Ibers et al.
      Pages 149-154
    4. C. R. Jefcoate, V. Ullrich, E. Antonini, A. Cimino, J. E. Germain, R. D. Gillard et al.
      Pages 155-164
    5. G. W. Parshall, M. L. H. Green, F. Calderazzo, D. A. Dowden, F. G. Gault, J. Halpern et al.
      Pages 165-176
    6. J. Manassen, D. D. Whitehurst, J. C. Bailar Jr., S. Carra, M. Graziani, K. Mosbach et al.
      Pages 177-185
    7. Fred Basolo, Robert L. Burwell Jr.
      Pages 187-188
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 189-193

About these proceedings


This conference on Catalysis was held under the auspices ofthe NATO Science Committee as part of its continuing effort to promote the useful progress of science through international cooperation. The Science Committee Conferences are deliberately designed and struc­ tured to focus expert attention on what is not known, rather than what is known. The participants are carefully selected to bring together a variety of complementary viewpoints. Through intensive group discussion, they seek to reach agreement on conclusions and recommendations for future research which will be of value to the scientific community. We believe that the endeavour has been particularly successful in the pre­ sent case. Some twenty-five papers, either in the form of reprints or specially written reviews were contributed by the participants for advance circulation, to outline the state-of-the art in the three areas ofheterogeneous, homogeneous and metalloenzyme catalysis and to focus attention on key problems. The availability of this background material precluded the need for lengthy intro­ ductory presentations and permitted rapid initiation of interdisciplinary discussions. All participants gave generously and enthusiastically of their expertise and effort during the week of the meeting, of ten long past normal bedtime hours, and we extend to them our deep gratitude.


catalysis kinetics metals oxygen

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