Ultrasound in Medicine

Volume 4

  • Denis White
  • E. A. Lyons

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiv
  2. Cardiology

    1. Front Matter
      Pages xxv-xxv
    2. G. Kossoff, W. J. Garrett, M. J. Dadd, H. J. Paoloni, D. E. L. Wilcken
      Pages 1-6
    3. Douglas W. Teske, Sharon M. Wilt
      Pages 15-16
    4. R. Gramiak, R. C. Waag, E. Schenk, P. P. K. Lee, K. Thomson, P. Macintosh
      Pages 17-22
    5. R. M. Schieken, L. T. Mahoney, W. R. Clarke, R. M. Lauer
      Pages 23-24
    6. Hugh D. Allen, David J. Sahn, Stanley J. Goldberg
      Pages 25-26
    7. T. Sakamoto, C. Tei, Y. Hada, T. Hayashi, H. Ichiyasu, K. Amano et al.
      Pages 29-32
    8. C. Tei, T. Sakamoto, T. Hayashi, H. Ichiyasu, K. Amano, Y. Hada et al.
      Pages 33-36
    9. P. G. Hess, N. C. Nanda, K. R. Thomson, R. G. Schwartz, R. Gramiak, A. Ross
      Pages 37-40
    10. J. V. Nixon, R. Gordon Murray, C. Gunnar Blomqvist
      Pages 45-46
    11. I. Mashiro, R. Asinger, T. Rourke, M. Hodges, C. Comty, J. N. Cohn
      Pages 47-48
    12. Mark J. Friedman, David J. Sahn, Edward Barerra, Dan Crawford, Harry Burris, Hugh D. Allen et al.
      Pages 49-50
    13. Richard A. Meyer, Joan Korfhagen, Kwan Yeun Wong, Samuel Kaplan
      Pages 51-53
    14. N. C. Nanda, H. Lever, R. Gramiak, A. Ross, W. Reeves, P. Hess et al.
      Pages 57-58
    15. P. A. N. Chandraratna, W. K. Chu, E. Langevin
      Pages 59-60
    16. Y. Hada, T. Sakamoto, T. Hayashi, H. Ichiyasu, K. Amano, C. Tei et al.
      Pages 63-64
    17. J. Yoshikawa, K. Yoshida, F. Okumachi, Y. Takagi, K. Yanagihara, T. Owaki et al.
      Pages 65-66
    18. J. B. Seward, A. J. Tajik, D. J. Hagler, D. G. Ritter
      Pages 67-68
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      Pages 69-70
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      Pages 71-72
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      Pages 73-74
    22. K. R. Bloom, G. Kazenelson, R. D. Rowe, G. A. Trusler
      Pages 75-76
    23. David J. Sahn, Ruthanne G. Sobol, Hugh D. Allen
      Pages 79-80
  3. Abdominal Disease

    1. Front Matter
      Pages N1-N1
    2. D. O. Cosgrove, J. M. G. Chu, V. R. McCready, L. P. North
      Pages 81-90
    3. William J. Garrett, Peter S. Warren
      Pages 91-99
    4. T. H. Shawker, W. Schuette, W. Whitehouse
      Pages 101-109
    5. K. J. W. Taylor, J. F. McI. Wasson, D. Sullivan, C. deGraaff, A. T. Rosenfield
      Pages 111-119
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      Pages 125-133
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      Pages 135-142
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      Pages 143-146
    9. M. I. Resnick, J. W. Willard, W. H. Boyce
      Pages 147-150
    10. J. Jellins, B. H. Barraclough
      Pages 151-154
    11. E. N. Carlsen, E. E. Schulz, J. E. Bolin
      Pages 155-156
    12. Srini Malini
      Pages 163-165
    13. L. E. Weeks, B. R. McCune, J. F. Martin, T. F. O’Brien Jr.
      Pages 177-180

About this book


This is the fourth volume of Ultrasound in Medicine, the Proceedings of the Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine. Unless the Executive Board of the Institute change their mind, it may also be the last. Under these circumstances it is somewhat ironical that some of the deficiencies present in previous volumes appear to have been solved in the present volume. Notably, the Programme Committee, for the first time, exercised a stringent selection procedure by means of which the number of papers selected for presentation was limited with the result that both the quality of papers accepted for presentation and publication was improved and the number of simultaneous sessions at the meeting did not exceed two. The contents of this volume have been divided into the same sections as in previous volumes except that no papers on stan­ dardization procedures were accepted and a new supplementary section is added consisting of papers given at the Scientific Meeting of the American Society of Ultrasound Technical Specia­ lists. As in previous editions the readers may consider the engin­ eering sections at the end of this volume are the most rewarding. Some ingenious new systems are described both in the sections on Doppler techniques and new techniques. Current interest in tissue signatures and characterization are reflected in many of the pap~rs appearing in the Tissue Interactions section.


Tumor aneurysm angiography brain cardiology computed tomography (CT) computer diagnosis neurology ophthalmology radiation sonography tomography ultrasonography ultrasound

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