Material Behavior Under High Stress and Ultrahigh Loading Rates

  • John Mescall
  • Volker Weiss

Part of the Sagamore Army Materials Research Conference Proceedings book series (SAMC, volume 29)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Dynamic Plasticity

    1. Rodney J. Clifton, Amos Gilat, Chin-Ho Li
      Pages 1-19
    2. M. G. Stout, S. S. Hecker
      Pages 39-60
    3. Ulric S. Lindholm, Gordon R. Johnson
      Pages 61-79
    4. Dennis E. Grady, James R. Asay, Richard W. Rohde, Jack L. Wise
      Pages 81-100
  3. Adiabatic Shear / Localized Deformation

  4. Dynamic Fracture Mechanics

  5. Back Matter
    Pages 319-326

About this book


The Army Materials and Mechanics Research Center in coopera­ tion with the Materials Science Group of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science of Syracuse University has been conducting the Annual Sagamore Army Materials Research Conference since 1954. The specific purpose of these conferences has been to bring together scientists and engineers from academic institutions, industry, and government who are uniquely qualified to explore in depth a subject of importance to the Department of Defense, the Army, and the scientific community. The proceedings of this conference, entitled MATERIAL BEHAVIOR UNDER HIGH STRESS AND ULTRAHIGH LOADING RATES, will be published in two parts. The topics covered in the present volume include dynamic plasticity, adiabatic shear/localized deformation, and dynamic fracture mechanics. Papers dealing with ordnance applica­ tions, projectile launch environment, and recent work-in-progress will appear as an AMMRC Technical Report and will have more limited distribution in accordance with recent Army guidelines. The Conference Chairmen are particularly grateful to the members of the Program Committee. We wish also to acknowledge the assistance of Mr. Charles Polley of the Army Materials and Mechanics Research Center, Mr. Robert Sell, Ms. Helen Brown DeMascio, and Ms. Mary Ann Holmquist of Syracuse University throughout the con­ ference planning stages and the publication of the text. The continued active interest in and support of these confer­ ences by Dr. E. Wright and Col. George Sibert, Direct and Deputy Director/Commander, respectively, of the Army Materials and Mechan­ ics Research Center, is appreciated.


energy mechanics metals microstructure plasticity

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