The Rare Earths in Modern Science and Technology

Volume 3

  • Gregory J. McCarthy
  • Herbert B. Silber
  • James J. Rhyne
  • Faye M. Kalina

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. Spedding Award Address

    1. G. Busch
      Pages 1-13
  3. Bioinorganic Chemistry

    1. James A. Balschi, Vincent P. Cirillo, William J. leNoble, Martin M. Pike, Everett C. Schreiber Jr., Sanford R. Simon et al.
      Pages 15-20
    2. W. DeW. Horrocks Jr., M.-J. Rhee, A. P. Snyder, T. Choosri, V. K. Arkle
      Pages 21-23
    3. Eileen M. Stephens, Charles M. Grisham
      Pages 25-30
    4. Federico Gonzalez-Fernandez, Donald J. Nelson
      Pages 37-44
    5. Robert E. Lenkinski, Richard L. Stephens
      Pages 45-51
  4. Organometallic and Coordination Chemistry

    1. Edward A. Cuellar, Steven S. Miller, Robert C. Teitelbaum, Tobin J. Marks, Eric Weitz
      Pages 71-76
    2. Paul J. Fagan, Eric A. Maatta, Afif M. Seyam, Tobin J. Marks
      Pages 77-84
    3. Jean-Claude G. Bünzli, Denis Wessner, Aldo Giorgetti, Yolande Frésart
      Pages 85-86
    4. F. A. Hart, Wenxiang Zhu
      Pages 95-96
    5. Jean-Claude G. Bünzli, Bernard Klein
      Pages 97-98
    6. Herbert B. Silber, M. Rebecca Riddle
      Pages 99-103
    7. Sérgio M. Melo, Nagila M. P. S. Ricardo
      Pages 105-108
  5. Spectroscopy

    1. C. Görller-Walrand, N. De Moitié-Neyt, Y. Beyens
      Pages 109-114
    2. A. A. S. da Gama, Gilberto F. de Sá
      Pages 125-126
    3. Genevieve Teste de Sagey, Pierre Porcher, Guy Garon, Paul Caro
      Pages 127-130
    4. F. Gaume, A. Gros, J. C. Bourcet
      Pages 143-146
    5. L. Esterowitz, R. Allen, R. Eckardt
      Pages 159-160
    6. J. Chrysochoos, M. J. Stillman, P. W. M. Jacobs
      Pages 161-164
    7. Philippe Bochu, Claude Parent, Abdelhamid Daoudi, Gilles Le Flem, Paul Hagenmuller
      Pages 177-178
    8. Gin-ya Adachi, Ken-ichi Machida, Jiro Shiokawa
      Pages 183-186
    9. G. R. Choppin, P. A. Baisden, E. N. Rizkalla
      Pages 187-191
    10. V. Anantharaman, J. Chrysochoos
      Pages 199-202
    11. Scott A. Davis, Frederick S. Richardson
      Pages 203-206
    12. Terence Donohue
      Pages 223-226
  6. Phase Equilibria and Thermodynamics

    1. E. Kaldis, B. Steinmann, B. Fritzler, E. Jilek, A. Wisard
      Pages 227-236
    2. E. Kaldis, H. Spychiger, B. Fritzler, E. Jilek
      Pages 237-241
    3. B. Fritzler, E. Kaldis, E. Jilek
      Pages 243-248

About this book


The Fifteenth Rare Earth Research Conference was held June 15-18, 1981 on the Rolla campus of th.e University of Missouri. The conference was hosted by the Graduate Center for Materials Research, the College of Arts and Science, and the School of Mines and Metallurgy. It was expected that the conference would provide a forum for critical examination and review of the current and important trends in rare earth science and technology. To this end, over 170 papers were presented in both oral and poster sessions by researchers representing some nineteen countries. The program committee was particularly gratified to see the diversity of effort being devoted to rare earth research by different disciplines allover the world. The collection of refereed papers in this volume attests to the fact that the objectives of the program committee were indeed realized. A high point of the meeting was the presentation of the Frank n. Spedding Award to a most distinguished colleague, Professor Georg Busch, Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule, Zurich. Prof­ essor W. Edward hi"allace, University of Pittsburgh, recipient of the first Frank H. Spedding Award made the presentation to Professor Busch who then gave the Plenary Address.


Coordination Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry Magnetic Resonance nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) solid state chemistry spectroscopy

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  • Herbert B. Silber
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  • James J. Rhyne
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  • Faye M. Kalina
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