Nonmetallic Materials and Composites at Low Temperatures

  • Günther Hartwig
  • David Evans

Part of the Cryogenic Materials Series book series (CRYMS)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Thermal Properties of Crystalline Polymers at Low Temperatures

  3. Thermal Conductivity at Low Temperatures in Semicrystalline Polymers

  4. Elastic Nonlinearity of Vitreous Silica at Low Temperatures

    1. M v Schickfus, S Hunklinger, K Dransfeld
      Pages 37-48
  5. Ultrasonic Absorption in Polymethylmethacrylate at Low Temperatures

  6. Radiation Damage in Thin Sheet Fibreglass Insulators

    1. Elena A Erez, Herbert Becker
      Pages 59-71
  7. Epoxide Resins for Use at Low Temperatures

    1. D Evans, J T Morgan
      Pages 73-87
  8. Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Poly (Methacrylates) at Low Temperatures

  9. Dielectric Loss Due to Antioxidants in Polyolefins

    1. R Isnard, G Frossati, J Gilchrist, H Godfrin
      Pages 117-124
  10. Low Temperature Fracture Measurements on Polyethylene in Comparison with Epoxide Resins

  11. Fatigue Test of Epoxide Resin at Low Temperatures

    1. S Nishijima, S Ueta, T Okada
      Pages 139-149
  12. Lap Test of Epoxide Resin at Cryogenic Temperatures

    1. S Nishijima, T Okada
      Pages 151-166
  13. Cohesive Strength of Amorphous Polymers at Low and High Temperatures

  14. The Thermal Conductivity and Thermal Expansion of Non-Metallic Composite Materials at Low Temperatures

  15. Nonlinear Stresses and Displacements of the Fibres and Matrix in a Radially Loaded Circular Composite Ring

  16. The Strain Energy Release Rate of a Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester Composite

  17. Recent European Work on the Nondestructive Testing of Composite Materials

  18. Physical Properties of Epoxide Resin/Glass Fibre Composites at Low Temperatures

  19. Charpy Impact Test of Cloth Reinforced Epoxide Resin at Low Temperature

  20. Nonmetallic and Composite Materials as Solid Superleaks

  21. Low Temperature Properties of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Epoxide Resins

  22. The Use of Graphite/Epoxy Composites in Aerospace Structures Subject to Low Temperatures

  23. Standardizing Nonmetallic Composite Materials for Cryogenic Applications

  24. Special Applications of Nonmetallic Materials in Low Temperature Technology

  25. Machined GRP Laminates for Components in Heavy Electrical Engineering and Their Use at Very Low Temperatures

  26. Mass Transport into a Three-Component Composite Subjected to a Temperature Gradient

  27. Panel Discussion

  28. Back Matter
    Pages 387-399

About this book


This, the second special topical conference on the properties of Non-Metallic Materials at Low Temperatures, was sponsored by the International Cryogenic Materials Conference Board. The potential for plastics materials in the field of cryogenics is vast and as yet only partly explored. In addition, many other materials, which qualify for the title non-metallic but are not 'plastics', have numerous possible outlets in low temperature technology. This conference aimed at providing a forum, whereby specialists from Industry, the Universities and from Government sponsored Institutions could assemble to discuss the extent of our current knowledge. As it transpired, the meeting was also to high­ light the considerable gaps that still exist in our fundamental understanding of the low temperature behaviour of these materials. On this theme, during the course of the conference, a reference was made to an almost forgotten quotation by Lord Kelvin, who said: "When you cannot measure what you are speaking about, when you cannot express in numbers, your knowledge is of a meagre and unsatisfactory kind; it may be the beginning of knowledge, but you have scarcely in your thoughts advanced to the stage of a science, whatever the matter be." This simple statement sums up the aims, objectives and hopefully the achievements of this conference. To discuss and disseminate the current knowledge on non-metallic materials in order that realistic predictions of in-service performance may be made.


Metall composite composite material crystal fatigue glass polymer polymers ultrasound

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  • Günther Hartwig
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  • David Evans
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  1. 1.Nuclear Research CenterInstitute for Technical PhysicsKarlsruheFederal Republic of Germany
  2. 2.Rutherford LaboratoryOxfordshireEngland

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