Genome Organization and Expression in Plants

  • C. J. Leaver

Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (volume 29)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Organization of the Nuclear Genome

    1. W. F. Thompson, M. G. Murray, R. E. Cuellar
      Pages 1-15
    2. Arnold J. Bendich, Robert S. Anderson, Bernard L. Ward
      Pages 31-33
    3. R. Flavell, J. Rimpau, D. B. Smith, M. O’Dell, J. R. Bedbrook
      Pages 35-47
  3. Cloning and Analysis of Plant DNA

  4. Transcription of the Nuclear Genome

  5. Nuclear Genome Expression

    1. J. O. Bishop, P. M. Clissold, J. A. Davis, P. Mason
      Pages 105-116
    2. Robert B. Goldberg
      Pages 117-126
  6. The Regulation of Nuclear Genome Expression

    1. L. S. Dure III, A. M. Capdevila, S. C. Greenway
      Pages 127-146
    2. David Baulcombe, Jarbas Giorgini, Joe L. Key
      Pages 175-185
    3. Klaus Hahlbrock, Susan E. Gardiner, Ulrich Matern, Hermann Ragg, Joachim Schröder
      Pages 187-194
    4. A. B. Legocki, C. J. Madrzak, D. Przybył, M. Sikorski, U. Szybiak
      Pages 195-201
  7. Macromolecular Properties, Biosynthesis and Genetic Regulation of Cereal Storage Proteins

    1. B. A. Larkins, K. Pedersen, W. J. Hurkman, A. K. Handa, A. C. Mason, C. Y. Tsai et al.
      Pages 203-217
    2. Carlo Soave, Angelo Viotti, Natale di Fonzo, Francesco Salamini
      Pages 219-226
    3. Frances A. Burr, Benjamin Burr
      Pages 227-231
    4. Benjamin J. Miflin, Jayne A. Matthews, Shirley R. Burgess, Audrey J. Faulks, Peter R. Shewry
      Pages 233-243
  8. Macromolecular Properties, Biosynthesis and Genetic Regulation of Legume Seed Storage Proteins

    1. Timothy C. Hall, Samuel M. Sun, Barry U. Buchbinder, John W. Pyne, Fredrick A. Bliss, John D. Kemp
      Pages 259-272
    2. R. N. Beachy, K. A. Barton, J. T. Madison, J. F. Thompson, N. Jarvis
      Pages 273-281
    3. I. M. Sussex, R. M. K. Dale, M. L. Crouch
      Pages 283-289
  9. Organization and Expression of the Chloroplast Genome

    1. Lawrence Bogorad, Setsuko O. Jolly, George Kidd, Gerhard Link, Lee McIntosh
      Pages 291-304
    2. G. Burkard, J. Canaday, E. Crouse, P. Guillemaut, P. Imbault, G. Keith et al.
      Pages 313-320
  10. Synthesis, Transport and Assembly of Chloroplast Proteins

    1. R. John Ellis, Steven M. Smith, Roger Barraclough
      Pages 321-335
    2. Gregory W. Schmidt, Sue Bartlett, Arthur R. Grossman, Anthony R. Cashmore, Nam-Hai Chua
      Pages 337-351
    3. Orio Ciferri, Orsola Tiboni, Giuseppe Di Pasquale, Daniela Carbonera
      Pages 373-379
    4. Virginia Walbot, Deborah Thompson, G. M. Veith, E. H. Coe Jr.
      Pages 381-399
  11. Mitochondrial Genome Organization and Expression in Higher Plants

  12. The Molecular Biology of Nitrogen Fixation

  13. The Ti-Plasmid of Agrobacterium Tumefaciens

    1. M.-D. Chilton, R. K. Saiki, F.-M. Yang, K. Postle, A. L. Montoya, E. W. Nester et al.
      Pages 471-480
    2. W. B. Gurley, J. Callis, J. D. Kemp
      Pages 481-488
    3. J. D. Kemp, E. Hack, D. W. Sutton
      Pages 489-496
  14. Viral Genome Organization and Expression

    1. L. Hirth
      Pages 497-510
    2. Lous Van Vloten-Doting, Lyda Neeleman
      Pages 511-527
    3. S. H. Howell, J. T. Odell, K. R. Dudley
      Pages 529-536
  15. Controlling Elements in Maize: Viroids

  16. Back Matter
    Pages 603-607

About this book


In the summer of 1976 a successful workshop on nucleic acids and protein synthesis in plant systems was organised in Strasbourg by Jacques Weil and Lawrence Bogorad. The participants in the workshop, were, without exception, excited both by the quality of the work discussed and by the rapid progress being made in several areas of genomic analysis and expression in plants. It also became apparent that there was a need for an international assembly of this sort at regular intervals. These workshops not only encourage stim­ ulating discussion and constructive thinking but also result in increased collaboration and productive liaison between laboratories with common interests. Hence a ten-day advanced studies institute course was organised in Edinburgh from 11-21 July 1979, and in this volume we have published the contributions given by the invited speakers. The subjects discussed covered most areas of plant molecular biology and the lecturers were asked to balance a review of their chosen subject with the results of their own recent research and likely future advances. Probably the most important technical advance since the previous meeting of this group in Strasbourg, was the application of restriction enzyme analysis and cloning techniques. This is illustrated in many of the published lectures and was the basis for many of the more informal discussion sessions.


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