Fundamental Research in Homogeneous Catalysis

Volume 3

  • Minoru Tsutsui

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xx
  2. Keynote Lecture

  3. Mechanism and Theoretical Treatises

    1. Invited Papers

    2. Contributed Papers

  4. Activation of Small Molecules

    1. Invited Papers

      1. G. W. Parshall, T. Herskovitz, F. N. Tebbe, A. D. English, J. V. Zeile
        Pages 95-105
      2. Igor Tkatchenko
        Pages 119-139
      3. Charles P. Casey, Daniel M. Scheck, Alan J. Shusterman
        Pages 141-150
    2. Contributed Papers: Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide

      1. Richard S. Sapienza, Michael J. Sansone, Len D. Spaulding, James F. Lynch
        Pages 179-197
      2. John F. Knifton
        Pages 199-219
      3. Giuseppe Braca, Glauco Sbrana, Giorgio Valentini, Giampaolo Andrich, Guglielmo Gregorio
        Pages 221-238
      4. V. A. Golodov, Yu. L. Sheludyakov, D. V. Sokolsky
        Pages 239-256
    3. Contributed Papers: Hydrocarbons, Polymerixation and Methatesis

      1. P. Binger, M. Cetinkaya, M. J. Doyle, A. Germer, U. Schuchardt
        Pages 271-284
      2. Steven D. Ittel
        Pages 305-315
      3. M. Pralus, J. C. Lecoq, J. P. Schirmann
        Pages 327-343
      4. Yu. A. Alexandrov, N. V. Yablokova, V. V. Gorbatov
        Pages 359-372
      5. Michael F. Farona, Christos Tsonis
        Pages 409-419
      6. N. Petiniot, A. F. Noels, A. J. An iaux, A. J. Hubert, Ph. Teyssié
        Pages 421-432
    4. Contributed Papers: Oxidation

    5. Contributed Papers: Reduction

      1. R. H. Crabtree, D. F. Chodosh, J. M. Quirk, H. Felkin, T. Fillebeen-Khan, G. E. Morris
        Pages 475-485
  5. Metal Cluster Catalysis

    1. Invited Papers

      1. E. L. Muetterties, A. J. Sivak, R. K. Brown, J. W. Williams, M. F. Fredrich, V. W. Day
        Pages 487-497
      2. José L. Vidal, W. E. Walker, R. L. Pruett, R. C. Schoening, R. A. Fiato
        Pages 499-518
  6. Asymmetric Catalysis

    1. Invited Papers

      1. Piero Pino, Giambattista Consiglio
        Pages 519-536
      2. W. S. Knowles, B. D. Vineyard, M. J. Sabacky, B. R. Stults
        Pages 537-548
    2. Contributed Papers

  7. Hybrid (Anchored or Immobolized) Catalysts

    1. Invited Papers

      1. R. Ugo, R. Psaro, G. M. Zanderighi, J. M. Basset, A. Theolier, A. K. Smith
        Pages 579-601
    2. Contributed Papers

      1. Charles U. Pittman Jr., William D. Honnick, Mark S. Wrighton, Robert D. Sanner, Richard G. Austin
        Pages 603-619
      2. A. K. Smith, W. Abboud, J. M. Basset, W. Reimann, G. L. Rempel, J. L. Bilhou et al.
        Pages 621-635
      3. J. Lieto, J. J. Rafalko, J. V. Minkiewicz, P. W. Rafalko, B. C. Gates
        Pages 637-649
      4. David E. Bergbreiter, James M. Killough, Gregory L. Parsons
        Pages 651-657
      5. Kiyotomi Kaneda, Masami Terasawa, Toshinobu Imanaka, Shiichiro Teranishi
        Pages 671-690
  8. Biomimetic Catalysis

    1. Invited Papers

About this book


During the 70's it has become drastically apparent that our natural resources, including energy, are not in unlimited supply. This realization is strongly felt in the economic turmoil that is occurring, but its effects will penetrate into other areas, even causing moderate social changes. Chemists playa major role in coverting the world's natural resources into products. The public consumes these products and now depends upon them to keep the high standard of living to which they have become accustomed. This topic could easily be expounded into a whole article, but it is sufficent to say that almost everything-from the use of lightweight, strong polymers which are replacing the use of metals in today's automobiles, to the curing of diseases with asymetrically synthesized drugs-is related to the endeavors of chemistry. Catalysts have played a major role in transforming resources to useful products. Since a catalyst lowers the activation energy required for a particular reaction, and often for only one specific pathway where normally many exist, it is not surprising within the extant climate that researchers are now increasing their efforts and focusing their priorities on improving and discovering more efficient and selective catalysts.


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