Supercomputer Applications

  • Robert W. Numrich

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Numerical Methods and Software Development

  3. Engineering and Petroleum Applications

    1. G. H. Bibbins, W. W. McVinnie
      Pages 85-89
    2. Nancy Schmidt Adams, Olin G. Johnson
      Pages 101-114
    3. Nancy Schmidt Adams, Bjorn Mossberg
      Pages 115-116
    4. John Kerins, L. E. Scriven, H. T. Davis
      Pages 117-134
  4. Computational Fluid Dynamics and Weather

  5. Computational Physics and Chemistry

    1. David W. Schwenke, Donald G. Truhlar
      Pages 215-254
    2. P. E. Van Camp, J. T. Devreese
      Pages 255-262
    3. D. W. Zaharevitz, H. J. Silverstone, D. M. Silver
      Pages 263-271
    4. Lawrence L. Halcomb, Dennis J. Diestler
      Pages 273-287
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 303-307

About this book


For the past three years, Control Data has cosponsored an applications symposium at one of its CYBER 205 customer sites. Approximately 125 participants from North America and Europe attended each of the three symposia. The Institute for Computational Studies at Colorado State University hosted the first symposium at Fort Collins, Colorado, August 12-13, 1982. The second annual symposium took place in Lanham, Maryland, and was hosted by the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. This volume contains the proceedings of the Supercomputer Applications symposium held October 31-November 1, 1984, at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. The purpose of this volume is to provide a forum for users of Control Data's CYBER 205 supercomputer to exchange common experiences and to discuss results of research projects performed on the computer. The unifying theme across the many disciplines is the development of methods and techniques to exploit the computational power of the CYBER 205. Some­ what surprisingly, these techniques are quite similar and apply to a wide range of problems in physics, chemistry, and engineering.


Vibration chemistry climate computational fluid dynamics computational physics convection development diffusion dynamics finite element method molecule polymer semiconductor simulation stability

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